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My Child/My Student

2019-2020 My Child/My Student Campaign




The State Board of Education and the ADE Division of Elementary and Secondary Education are proud to launch the 2019-2020 My Child/My Student public awareness campaign!

The goal of this campaign, in its fifth year, is to encourage positive and productive communication between parents and teachers. Ongoing communication builds a support network that encourages student learning and success.

The campaign highlights a college and career readiness topic and student safety topic each month during the campaign, which begins in August and ends in May. Resources and links to helpful information for parents and teachers are posted on this page and ADE's social media throughout the school year.   

The 2019-2020 Topics List (2019-2020 Temas de comunicación) is available and provides questions for parents and teachers to consider when communicating with each other.  

Schools, organizations and supporters are invited to share the 2019-2020 resources below and to follow ADE on Facebook and Twitter, as campaign resources are posted throughout the school year.

January 2020

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: Mentoring 

Student Safety and Support Topic: Child Abduction/Human Trafficking

December 2019

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: Equity (How to Advocate for Your Child, Student Voice, Parents Right to Know)

Student Safety and Support Topic: Safe, Supportive and Collaborative School Culture (Does Your Child Know Emergency Management Procedures?)

November 2019

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: Student Success Plans

Labor market information is so important when talking to your students about career aspirations. What does a particular job pay? How many jobs are in my area? If there aren't many jobs in my area, am I willing to move? The Arkansas Division of Workforce Services publishes labor market information to support these conversations between parents and students.
The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has developed a Student Success Plan webpage. The site is being updated with new links including sample school plans
A good Student Success Plan addresses preparation for college, career and community engagement. Interest inventory and skills assessment tools provide schools multiple measures of student academic achievement and growth to assist with development of the student success plan. Access to survey tools in grades 8-12 can provide students insight into their personal strengths, aptitudes, and interests. This information can enable them to better transition from high school to an occupational and academic future that will meet their personal needs and work values. To support this process, the DESE is providing access to a College and Career Readiness Tool (CCR Tool) for Arkansas students in grades 8-12.
Some of these tools have a communication portal for parents. Ask your school about which tool they have chosen and how you will be included in the student success planning process.

Student Safety and Support Topic: Anti-Bullying (Social Media Safety)

October 2019

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: R.I.S.E. Arkansas 

Student Safety and Support Topics: National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 

September 2019

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: G.U.I.D.E. for Life

The videos below are from the Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (CASEL). They explain the value of social emotional learning to parents in English and Spanish.  Additional resources are the G.U.I.D.E. for Life (5 skills for personal success), a parent toolkit for social and emotional learning, and the CASEL website.

Student Safety and Support Topic: Mental Health Awareness

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Be sure to check out these resources. 

August 2019

College, Career and Community Readiness Topic: Family and Community Engagement (FACE Framework and Toolkit Site) 

Student Safety and Support Topic: Getting to and From School Safely

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