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State Board Orders for PLSB and Licensure Actions


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Listed on this page are Licensure Actions (LA) and Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) Orders for 2020-2015. You may access orders before 2019 by clicking on the links below.

2020 Final State Board Orders

September 10, 2020

PLSB 19-115 Order Karen James
PLSB 19-173 Order Ella Marie Sergeant  
PLSB 20-036 Order Alex Joseph  
PLSB 20-122 Order Brandi Collier  
PLSB 20-123 Order Molly Broyles  
PLSB 20-126 Order Jennifer Conner  
PLSB 20-131 Order George Nick Eubanks  
PLSB 20-134 Order Donna Turner  

August 14, 2020

PLSB Order 20-016 Bobby Max Pennington 
PLSB Order 20-062 Shagala Barnett 
PLSB Order 20-096 Blake Barrow 
PLSB Order 20-097 Brandon Turner
PLSB Order 20-110 Carrie Smith 
PLSB Order 21-001 Jacy Long 

August 13, 2020

LA Order 02-05 Michael Montgomery

LA Order 19-13 Rachel Finerty-Fields

LA Order 20-07 Jeff Burris

July 9, 2020

PLSB Order 20-083 Fleming Ivory
PLSB Orde 20-084 Michael Strange
PLSB Order 20-087 Wayne Griffin
PLSB Order 20-107 Lucas Gass
PLSB Order 20-111 Damiccah Robertson (Darton)

LA Order 20-03 Blake Barrow

June 11, 2020

PLSB Order 19-182 Thomas Thrash

PLSB Order 20-074 Steven Rieser

PLSB Oder 20-115 Hannah Emerson

May 14, 2020

PLSB Order  20-043 Tara Fuller

PLSB Order  20-048 Pamela Draper

PLSB Order  20-065 Randall Barnhill

PLSB Order 20-066 Jared Crisco

PLSB Order  20-079 Jennifer Jackson

PLSB Order  20-090 Zachary Nidiffer

PLSB Order  20-103 Ace Horton

PLSB Order 20-114 Blake Davis

LA Order 20-04 Zachary Nidiffer

April 9, 2020

PLSB 19-060 Order Lucas Horn

PLSB 19-178 Order Jacqueline Camper

PLSB 20-030 Order Breanna Pruett

PLSB 20-038 Order David Smith

PLSB 20-047 Order Celia Wortham

PLSB 20-051 Order Rebecca Dwyer

PLSB 20-058 Order Kurt Zen-Ruffinen

March 12, 2020

PLSB Order 19-132 Troy Gittings

PLSB Order 19-174 Tina McGrew

PLSB Order 20-008 Judith Rook

PLSB Order 20-010 Brandi Moody

PLSB Order 20-046 Christine Stracener

LA Order 20-002 Kyle Kempf

February 19, 2020

PLSB Order 18-090 Davissa Brimer

PLSB Order 18-091 Tammie Cloyes

PLSB Order 19-009 Kira Geer

PLSB Order 19-020 Jonathan Barber

PLSB Order 19-142 Phillip Scoggins

PLSB Order 19-151 Chris Mileham

PLSB Order 19-186 Jessica Miller

PLSB Order 20-001 Robert Belew

PLSB Order 20-003 Brian Dutton

PLSB Order 20-007 Kelly Dipippa

January 9, 2020

PLSB Order 18-144 Steven Blake Tew

PLSB Order 18-145 Michael D. Mattox

PLSB Order 19-185 Rebecca M. Quoss

2019 Final State Board Orders

December 12, 2019

PLSB Order 19-184 Anastasia N. Jackson

PLSB Order 19-179 Brandy D. Smith

PLSB Order 19-177 Daokham Keovanpheng

PLSB Order 19-158 Kristina Lee (Lloyd)

PLSB Order 19-008 Justin Charity Ruley

PLSB Order 19-033 Brooke Dunning

PLSB Order 19-083 Jamie Carter

PLSB Order  18-132 Steven Anthony

PLSB Order 18-128 Sunny E. Miller

PLSB Order 18-106 Robert Rogers


November 14, 2019

PLSB Order 19-193 Ashley Rae Fischer

PLSB Order 19-152 Tina Burgess

PLSB Order 19-143 Belinda F. Jordan

PLSB Order 19-081, 19-149 Nicole Lea

October 10, 2019

PLSB Order 17-193 Jeri Lyn Odom

PLSB Order 18-149 Connie Sue Hicks

PLSB Order 18-153, 19-075 James Bruce Straight

PLSB Order 19-031 Gregory Keith Jones

PLSB Order 19-064 Jennifer Ann Pippenger (Hill)

PLSB Order 19-127 Andrea Chantel Cowell

PLSB Order 19-137 Brenda Eugenia Robertson

PLSB Order 19-139 Suzanne Alice Wallace

September 12, 2019

LA Order 19-011 Jessica Lynn Williams
LA Order 19-14 Bryan Gerald Little
LA Order 19-16 Rick Napier
PLSB Order 18-022 Steven Cole Welborn
PLSB Order 18-060 Robert Thomas Edwards III
PLSB Order 18-157 Garry David Kirk
PLSB Order 19-090 Robert Charles Coplin
PLSB Order 19-116 Melanie Lynn Hotchkiss(Watson)
PLSB  Order 19-118 David Scott Mackey

August 8, 2019

LA Order 18-015 Joseph P Byrn

LA Order 19-12   Jerrijean Elizabeth Danielson

PLSB Order 19-105 Frankie A. Magallanes

PLSB Order 19-091 George David Livermore

PLSB Order 19-119 Jennifer R. Lovelace

PLSB Order 19-077 Myeisha Mae Haywood

PLSB Order 19-079  Steve Henry Thomas

July 11, 2019

LA Order 19-07 Timothy Lee Reddin

PLSB Order 18-011 Jacob De La Paz

PLSB Order 18-101 Brian Paul Cossey

PLSB Order 18-125 Mitchell Wayne Williams

PLSB Order 19-080 Catherine Elizabeth Powell

PLSB Order 19-106 Kyle Joseph Kempf 

June 13, 2019

PLSB Order 19-022 Millicent Abigail Talley

PLSB Order 19-017 Kristi Lynn Bounds

PLSB Order 19-021 Jon B Alexander

PLSB Order 19-039 Jeremy Rondal Wortham

PLSB Order 19-045 Ricky Wayne Barker

PLSB Order 19-06 Chrystal Estelle Vega

May 9, 2019

PLSB Order 19-023 Christopher Joseph Brown

LA Order 19-10 Andrea Anderson

LA Order 19-03 Charity Nicole Grace

LA Order 19-09 Charles Clay McKewen

PLSB Order 18-103 Christopher Neil Wilks

LA Order 19-05 James Thomas Garcia

PLSB Order 19-018 Jessica Lee Kaplan

PLSB Order 19-005 Margaret Leigh Johnson

PLSB Order_18-163 Sirl S Wright

PLSB Order 17-199 Stephen Patrick Andrews

PLSB Order 19-056 Victor Joyner

LA Order 19-01 Wendy Joy Nauman

April 11, 2019

LA Order 19-02 Christopher Lee Bethel

PLSB Order 18-154 Erika Denee Burdick

PLSB Order 19-032 Stephanie Anne Goddard

PLSB Order 18-168 Hilaree Elizabeth Henderson

LA Order 18-020 Kevin Wayne Kyzer

PLSB Order 18-165 Leanna M. Morris

PLSB Order 18-147 Brittany Amanda Morrison

PLSB Order 18-160 Micah L. Qualls

February 14, 2019

PLSB Order 19-010 Joshua Randall Fleming

PLSB Order 18-151 Cody Allen Reid

PLSB Order 18-148 Damita Faye Tolerson

January 10, 2019

PLSB Order 19-002 Kaitlyn Leigh Anne

PLSB Order 18-129 Kelbie K Herod (Reeves)

LA Order 18-026 Kyle Smith

LA Order 18-017 Joshua Cameron

LA Order 18-019 John Pennington

LA Order 18-021 Mark Smith

2018 Final State Board Orders

The following are Licensure Actions (LA) and Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) Orders for 2018:

December 13, 2018

PLSB Order 18-110 Norman_Snerling

PLSB Order 18-119 Erin Lindsay Ledgerwood

PLSB Order 18-136 Courtney Leanne Mace

PLSB Order 18 -158 Phyllis Carol Mayo

November 8, 2018

PLSB Order 18-120 Amanda Leeann Cassat

PLSB Order 18-107 Laura Louise Keith

PLSB Order 18-114 Stephanie Ann Mooney

October 11, 2018

PLSB Order 17-157 Rebekah Leeann Bennett

PLSB Order 18-117 William Thomas Russell

PLSB Order 18-024 Cristy Machelle Cathey

PLSB Order 18-118 Kyle Thomas Russell

PLSB Order 18-066 Schelly Elaine Graves

PLSB Order 18-096 Donald Joseph Hofmann

PLSB Order 18-112 Erin Diann Dillon

LA Order 18-025 Courtney Laroy Sanders

LA Order 18-018 Revocation Shane amuel Jones

LA Order18-023 Joann Lynn Delap (Jaynes)

LA Order 18-022 Jennifer  Lynn MacMillan 

September 13, 2018

PLSB Order 18-076 Britt Arnold Kirstopher Mounce

PLSB Order 18-113 William Eaton Kale

PLSB Order 17-199 Stephen Patrick Andrews

August 9, 2018

PLSB Order 18-103 Christopher Neil Wilks

LA Order 18-007 Revocation Melinda P Liles

LA Order 18-016 Kendra Skaggs

July 12, 2018

LA Order 18-009 Mark Edward Hobson

PLSB Order T17-045 Chad McPherson

June 14, 2018

 LA Order 18-008 Jason Wayne Bolick

 PLSB Order 18-084 Mike Henry Duncan

 PLSB Order 18-025 James Lathan Fox

 PLSB Order 18-041 Thomas Neal Garner

 PLSB Order 18-040 Rebecca Elizabeth Stephens

 PLSB Order 18-077 Brian Phillip Watt

May 10, 2018

 PLSB Order 18-046 Landra Alane Rink

April 12, 2018

PLSB Order 17-232 Johnny Ray Taylor 

PLSB Order 18-012 Joann Lynn Delap (Jaynes)

PLSB Order 18-019 Jennifer Lynn Macmillan

March 8, 2018

 LA Order 18-004 Victor M Jackson

 PLSB Order 17-188 and 18-003 Meagan Lynn Parrish

 PLSB Order 17-237 and 18-008 Caren D Copeland

 PLSB Order  18-004 Ann Mishelle Higgins

 PLSB Order 18-007 Carolyn Jordan James

 PLSB Order 18-010 Jeffrey Wayne Stewart

 PLSB Order 18-016 Sarah Kay Terwilliger

February 8, 2018

PLSB Order 17-090 Derek Scott Phillips

PLSB Order 17-215 Melisa M Dillard

January 11, 2018

PLSB Order 17-025,17-026, 17-037 Ca'Lyn Joseph Zachary

PLSB Order  17-124 Jaime Faye Nelson

PLSB Order  17-219 James Stephen Privitt

PLSB Order  17-227 Kearstin Danielle Greenhaw

PLSB Order  17-233 Michael Timothy Fletcher

PLSB Order  17-236 Alexis Kathleen Rheinhardt

2017 Final State Board Orders

The following are Licensure Actions (LA) and Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) Orders for 2017:

December 14, 2017

 PLSB Order 16-083 Kaley S Brewer

 PLSB Order T15-005 Debra Reynolds

 PLSB Order 15-149 Anthony Clarence Bridgeforth

 PLSB Order 16-144 Nash K Simpson

 PLSB Order 15-121 Nancy Ann Stillman

LA Order 18-003 Phyllis D Brooks

PLSB Order 16-058 Gina Lea White

PLSB Order 16-095 Colton S Turner

PLSB Order 17-031 Bennie Stanton Butler

PLSB Order 17-202 Stefanie Kaye Howard

PLSB Order 18-018 William Jeffrey Flanigan

LA Order 18-002 Revocation James Paul Dill

December 9, 2017

PLSB Order 17-009 Stephen Edward Harshaw

November 9, 2017

PLSB Order 16-173 Marcie Jo Duncan 

PLSB Order 17-006 Michelle Ann Dollard

PLSB Order 17-142 Camilla Lynn Turner

PLSB Order 17-171  Chad Michael Wheeler

PLSB Order 17-181 Deandre Martrell Smith

PLSB Order 17-190 Rebecca Ann Garza

PLSB Order 17-198 Damiccah S. Darton(Robertson)

PLSB Order 17-222 Jamie Lynn Kapella

October 12, 2017

PLSB Order 17-154 Canon Blake Hoover

PLSB Order17-186 Chae Daenel Coan

PLSB Order 17-208 Martha Sue Jackson

PLSB Order 18-001 Revocation David Brent Yates

PLSB Order 18-020 Jessie Lorene Goline

September 14, 2017

PLSB Order 17-045 Chad Lee McPherson

PLSB Order 17-075 Michael A Pitts

PLSB Order 17-146 Johnny Ray Taylor

PLSB Order 17-147 Kendra D Skaggs

PLSB Order 17-150 John Colema Gibson

PLSB Order17-179 Stephanie E Hicks

Licensure Waiver Michael P Hynes

LA Revocation Carl L Mouton

August 10, 2017

PLSB Order 17-101 Angela Denise Winfield

PLSB Order 17-115 Colton S Turner

PLSB Order 17-128 Deborah Ragan Clark

July 13, 2017

PLSB Order 17-082 Mary Elizabeth Anderson

PLSB Order 17-106 Daniel Lewis Cline

PLSB Order 17-098 Robert Anthony Davis

June 8, 2017

PLSB  Revocation Order Harry Almond

PLSB Order 17-068 Stephanie Deborah Reynolds

PLSB Order 17-153 Trent David Bennett

Licensure Waiver Order James David Bodry

PLSB Revocation Order  Jacob Howard

May 11, 2017

PLSB Order 16-149 Clinton Irving Clay

PLSB Order 17-015 Rebecca Gramling

PLSB Order 17-097 Roy Lamb

PLSB Revocation Order James C Arender

PLSB Revocation Order Lester Dwayne Curry

PLSB Revocation Order 17-080 Alicia Everhart

PLSB Revocation Order William Hardiman

April 13, 2017

PLSB Order 16-141 Michelle Lyn Clark (Burnett)

PLSB Order 17-042 Tonia Nicole Hurley

PLSB Order 17-067 Corrie B Langford

PLSB Revocation Order Julie Gross Aultman

PLSB Revocation Order Lee Mical Sadler

PLSB Revocation Order Ryan Patrick Siebenmorgen

March 9, 2017

PLSB Order 17-003 and 17-017 Courtney Beth Wilkins

PLSB Order 16-162 Darrick Wayne Lowery

PLSB Order 16-175 Richard Thomas Riley

PLSB Order 17-021 and 17-034 Michael Ryan McKinney

February 9, 2017

PLSB Order  16-164 James Ridgway Gaunt

PLSB Order  16-172 Bryan Matthew Walters

PLSB Order  17-009 Stephen Edward Harshaw

PLSB Order  17-031 Bennie Stanton Butler

PLSB Order  17-043 Michaela Monique Jeffrey

January 12, 2017

PLSB Order  16-091 S Lewis Clark Jr

PLSB Order  16-096 Mary Lorene Horton

PLSB Order  16-109 Ruby Jean Fowler

PLSB Order  16-131 Jeremy E Ellis

PLSB Order  16-142 and 16-159 Gregory Franklin Hendrix

PLSB Order  16-144 Nash K Simpson

PLSB Order  16-169 Tina Michelle Brewer

PLSB Order  16-174 Jacquelin Marie Fischer

PLSB Order  17-032 Kurt Randall Zimmerman


2016 Final State Board Orders

The following are Licensure Actions (LA) and Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) Orders for 2016:

December 8, 2016

PLSB Order 17-083 Tyler Cameron Pickett

PLSB Order 14-120 Jerri Lyn High

PLSB Order 16-101 Mallory Dawn Rorie

PLSB Order 15-048 Mary Jill Davis

PLSB Order 16-138 Gaylon Eugene Freeman

PLSB Order 16-139 Toya Marie Graves

PLSB Order 16-143 Jeremy Jason Derkovitz

PLSB Order 16-056 Michael David Shedd

November 10, 2016

PLSB Order 17-008 Ashley Rene Burns

PLSB Order 17-030 Morgan Kelsey Coble

October 13, 2016

PLSB Order 16-088 Keresia Lorraine Jones

PLSB Order 15-099 David Wesley Waddell

Licensure Waiver Order Sean F Steiger

PLSB Order 16-119 Debra Ann Duford

PLSB Order 16-120 ChristopherM Horne

PLSB Order 16-134 Annette Susan Queck

September 8, 2016

PLSB Order 16-092 Don W Fate

PLSB Order 16-111 Jim Edward Elser

August 11, 2016

PLSB Order 16-123 Rebekah Lee Stroth

PLSB Order 16-083 Kaley S Brewer

July 14, 2016

PLSB Order 16-093 Cassandra Lynn Schumacher

PLSB Order 16-089 Susan Ann Scott-Chambers

PLSB Order 14-087 Billy Eugene Carter

PLSB Order 13-148 Chadwick Lance Martin

PLSB Order 16-099 Kevin J Lea

PLSB Order 16-051 Timothy Lee Eddings

PLSB Order 14-005 Andrea Raye Day

PLSB Order 14-026 Brett Louis Difani

PLSB Order 16-103 Jessica Megan Hall

PLSB Order 16-052 Julie B Larose

PLSB Order 14-074 Penny Louise Oden

PLSB Order 14-059 Deborah Faye Craig

PLSB Order 16-021 David Thomas Cone

PLSB Order 15-152 Jamie Gail Morton

PLSB Order 16-095 Colton S Turner

Licensure Waiver Order Marianne Gandolph

Licensure Waiver Order Michael Magouyrk

Disqualification Order Jermichael L Riley

June 9, 2016

License Revocation Order Breonna Nicole Eddings

May 12, 2016

 PLSB Order 13-141 Michelle Harper

PLSB Order 13-169 Sara Kemp

PLSB Order 16-019 Brittney Breedlove

PLSB Order 16-055 Becky Watkins

PLSB Order 16-058 Gina White

PLSB Order 16-172 Evan Ballowe

April 14, 2016

PLSB Order  15-174 Cody Forga

PLSB Order 15-187 Jill Moody

PLSB Order  16-009 Barton Harrison

PLSB Order 16-012 Janice Shumpert

PLSB Order  16-042 Steven Ingle

PLSB Order  16-056 Ricky Copeland

PLSB Order Revocation Melissa Stewart

March 10, 2016

PLSB Order 16-002 Katherine Nicole

Order Suspension Michelle McCoy

Order Suspension_Cynthia_Walker

PLSB Order 15-039-JamesRaper

NBPTS Waiver Mary Gibson

NBPTS Waiver Kellie LaMonica

January 14, 2016

PLSB Order  T15-005 Debra Reynolds

PLSB Order 15-182 Lorna King

PLSB Order  15 167 Lola Dulaney

PLSB Order 15-151 Juston Deaton

PLSB Order 15-150 Heather Davenport

PLSB Order 15-149 Anthony Bridgeforth

PLSB Order 15-133 Shaybreian Willis

2015 Final State Board Orders

The following are Licensure Actions (LA) and Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) Orders for 2015:

December 10, 2015

PLSB Order 15-088 Angela Pfifer Melton

License Revocation Kristi Brinkman Lee

License Revocation Deborah Jean Freeman

License Revocation Clarence Mumford

November 12, 2015

PLSB Order 15-026 Mary Sneed

PLSB Order 15-121 Nancy Stillman

PLSB Order 15-125 Sherry Barefield

PLSB Order 15-144 Debra Helm

PLSB Order Anwar Fairley Waiver

PLSB Order Kerri Williams Waiver

October 8, 2015

Order 2015 10 8

PLSB Order 15-111 Mary Fitzgerald

September 10, 2015

PLSB Order  15-156 Dale Mann

PLSB Order  15-020 Mary Faith McCormick

PLSB Order Amanda Reilly

August 13, 2015

PLSB Order 15-017A Janice Davis

PLSB Order 14-175 James Pennington

July 9, 2015

PLSB Order 14-099 PatriciaLoe

 PLSB Order Justine McDuffie Waiver

 PLSB Order 13-047 Beverly Garner Harris

June 11, 2015

PLSB Order 15-001 Melissa Grice

PLSB Order 15-066 Robin Keith Robinson

April 9, 2015

PLSB Order Case 14-066 Jason Vaughn Marshall

PLSB Order Case 14-138 Betty Jean Edwards

PLSB Order Case 13-133 Amber Populis

PLSB Order Case 15-17B JuneMarie Thompson

PLSB Order Case T14-003B Paula Fitzhugh

March 12, 2015

PLSB Order Case 14-117 Evelyn Thrower

PLSB Order Case 14-087 Billy Carter

February 12, 2015

Order License Revocation David Van Buren

Order License Revocation Tiffany Studebaker

Order Licensure Revocation Jennifer Kennedy

Order Case 14-025 Mona Parks

January 8, 2015

PLSB Order 14-096 LeAnna Kelpine Cook

PLSB Order 14-096 Thelton Hughes

PLSB Order 14-142 Terri Redman

PLSB Order 14-189 Theresa Deimer

PLSB Order 14-197 Amy Milliken

PLSB Order 14-186 Chadwick Lance Martin



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