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Teacher Hotline FAQs

Thank you for visiting the #TeachArkansas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The hotline is accessible Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m at 1-833-353-6050.




Support in a Virtual Environment How can we support teachers in this virtual environment? Teachers can identify students that will be impacted by virtual learning i.e. lack of internet, summer learning or PD by co-ops, AR IDEAS
Social-Emotional Support for Students and Parents How can we help students, parents, teachers socially and emotionally? Visit DESE’s Guidance and School Counseling webpage
General Guidance Where can I find information about COVID-19 and Arkansas schools?
General Guidance Who are districts accountable to for not following guidelines?
General Guidance Do teachers have to use sick days to quarantine? Will more sick days be added since we only are given 10? What if we have to quarantine again?
General Guidance What about special needs students - their therapies and services? 
General Guidance When do districts' plans have to be finalized?  September 1, 2020. Read DESE's Resources for School Districts.
Instruction What if I have concerns about R.I.S.E. Training being conducted face to face?  Read DESE's Onsite PD Guidance
Instruction What if I have concerns about the availability of devices for staff and students?
Schools can use Title I, IV and V for hot spots or computers. They should contact the program advisor for approvals. Any technology purchased with federal funds must be CIPA compliant.


Title I - Jayne Green:
Title IV - Otistene Smith:
Title V - Rick Green:
CIPA Compliance - Don Benton:
Instruction What if I have concerns about Wi-Fi access?
The Arkansas Department of Education has signed agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile to purchase Wi-Fi access points and data plans at a reduced cost for every school district in the state. Learn more at Wi-Fi Access Devices for Schools.
A map is also being built to display all free and public access Wi-Fi for our state. View the map:
This tool only improves with participation. This link allows for submission of additional sites:
Instruction  What about teachers who need training on how to teach in a virtual environment?
Instruction  What variables will trigger all classes to be transferred to online instruction? Read DESE's Response Levels for On-Site Learning
Instruction What about extra curricular and music classes? Local districts may design educational programming that best addresses the needs of each school within the district. However, standards for accreditation are still in place and are expected to be adhered to. When necessary, waivers are available to ensure the instructional delivery model maximizes the safety of students, staff, and stakeholders.
Instruction  What does dyslexia intervention with fidelity look like virtually? View the Serving Special Populations video.
Logistics How is transportation ensuring safety for bus riders? Read pages 9-11: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document
Logistics Could a monitor be placed on each bus to help bus drivers?  Read pages 9-11: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document
Logistics Should families sit together on buses for social distancing? Read pages 9-11: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document
Logistics If we have to have PD virtually, why can we go to school with 400 kids? Read DESE's Onsite PD Guidance
Logistics Many are concerned if there will be subs available. Do our schools have staff capacity for social distancing and absences? Read the Human Capital section of this FAQ.
Logistics Is the state going to reduce class size numbers to help socially distance classrooms? Read page 25: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document
Logistics Will schools hire more people for cleaning? Read pages 9-11: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document
Logistics Will the state encourage districts to give teachers a virtual absence option—if they can and are willing to work from home if quarantined? Read pages 14-15: Arkansas Ready for Learning Re-engagement document


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