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Approved Science of Reading Curriculum

K-2 Approved Science of Reading Programs
The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education has identified a list of  K-2 Approved face-to-face curriculum programs for school districts that are supported by the Science of Reading and based on instruction that is explicit, systematic, cumulative, and diagnostic. Digital programs and resources will be released at a later date. 
Background and Purpose 
The Right to Read Act, amended by the Arkansas Legislature in 2019, requires “curriculum programs that are supported by the science of reading and based on instruction that is explicit, systematic, cumulative, and diagnostic, including without limitation: (1) dyslexia programs that are evidence based and aligned or structured literacy or grounded in the Orton-Gillingham methodology, (2) evidence-based reading intervention programs, and (3) evidence-based reading programs that are grounded in the science of reading.” Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 6-17-429(f), the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education shall identify and create a list of approved materials, resources, and curriculum programs for public school districts and open-enrollment public charter schools.
Program Types

Arkansas K-2 Approved Programs (Face-to-Face, Digital) 

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Arkansas K-2 Approved Programs (Face-to-Face, Digital)
DESE K-2 Face-to-Face Programs Webinar Recording
List of K-2 Applicants

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