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Arkansas' Integration History

The Brown v. Board decision in May 1954 found racial segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional.  Though Arkansas gained national attention with the 1957 integration crisis at Little Rock Central High School, the stories of schools and districts across the state who integrated before 1957 have gone largely unheard.  With this in mind, the Hoxie School District partnered with the Arkansas Department of Education to create lessons to help tell this story.  Please note: though some of these lessons can be taught in a standalone manner, others will need to be taught together or in conjunction with similar lessons in order to provide background knowledge and context.

Equal Justice Under the Law (PDF/DOCX) - also available for elementary students (PDF/DOCX)

Hoxie - The History We Didn't Know (PDF/DOCX)

What Photographs Can Tell Us (PDF/DOCX)

Life's Good Intentions (PDF/DOCX) - also available for elementary students (PDF/DOCX)

Words of Encouragement (PDF/DOCX) - also available for elementary and middle school students (PDF/DOCX)

The Fight for Equal Education - only available for elementary students (PDF/DOCX)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (PDF/DOCX)

That Escalated Quickly (PDF/DOCX)

Chronological Events of School Integration (PDF/DOCX)


State Standards

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Licensure & Certification

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