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Reading comprehension is the process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning through interaction and involvement with written language. Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading.  David Kilpatrick says to comprehend text, readers must be able to represent what they are reading in memory.

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➤     Activate prior knowledge and make connections to what they are reading. This helps understand new knowledge acquired in the text.

➤     Make predictions before reading. A good reader will verify their predictions while reading the text. 

➤     Identify the main focus of the selected text. Understanding the central idea of the text will allow the reader to better understand the purpose of the text. 

➤     A good reader can decode text by identifying word and sentence meanings. They are able to use their reading strategies and context clues.  

➤     Interpret text structure. Readers who draw on their background knowledge of text structure will have a better

➤     Summarize while reading. Readers make connections to important points where they have background knowledge. 

➤     Readers make inferences for the text, based on their schema. By doing this, readers are making connections the author may not have made clear.

➤     Readers will visualize or make mental images of what they are reading. By doing this, they are understanding the text in a way that makes sense to them.

➤     Readers are constantly questioning while reading the text. The questions may relate to unknown words, structure, the plot, questions about the character, or their own inferences.

➤     Readers will monitor their understanding. A good reader will know if they are comprehending whereas a poor reader will not.

Proficient readers are thinking about their thinking during reading. They are processing the text without being aware of the strategies they are implementing.  

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