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P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team


No school district should feel alone when facing a cyber attack. 


Arkansas’ P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team represents a collaborative effort among Arkansas Cooperative Technology Coordinators, Arkansas Team Digital, and the Arkansas Division of Information Systems (DIS). The Cyber Threat Response Team is a small group of IT professionals who are willing and ready to provide onsite support, at no cost to the district, whenever an Arkansas school district is faced with a cyber threat. Information collected through the P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team will only be used to inform and protect Arkansas school districts. 

What are the team’s goals?

  1. 1. Ensure districts know they are not alone when faced with a cyber threat.
  2. 2. Increase communication between districts, co-ops, DESE, and DIS when a district is under attack.
  3. 3. Build our internal capacity in handling and responding to cyber threats through hands-on experience.

When should a school district communicate a cyber threat? 

School districts should communicate with their DIS Field Technician or Co-op Technology Coordinator any time they are experiencing a cyber attack (regardless if onsite support is needed). It is important that we all communicate to better protect one another.

How can a school district activate onsite support?

Any school district facing a cyber threat can activate the Cyber Threat Response Team by contacting their local DIS Field Technician or Co-op Technology Coordinator. Upon request, the Cyber Threat Response Team will send our Cyber Threat First Responders to help isolate the incident, assess the situation, recover network/data/systems when possible, and implement prevention strategies.

Team Members*

Allen Dunn

Evan Patrick

Nathan Cline

Shashank Avvaru

Alan Floyd
Leon Brown

* Team members named here are those that chose to make their information public

To report cyber incidents and ask questions related to cybersecurity, contact the P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team using this form.

For more information, please contact:

Ray Girdler, Director of Technology Initiatives & Resources
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary & Secondary Education
Research and Technology
423 Main Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-683-4230
Fax: 501-682-3108

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