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New! Family and Community Engagement Framework & Toolkit

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Framework and Toolkit

The framework and toolkit offer helpful resources for anyone interested in enhancing engagement within their local communities and school districts/schools.

The framework is designed to encourage conversations and increase support for families, schools, and community members to be actively engaged in children’s development and education. Aligned to the framework essentials, the toolkit is designed to provide resources, strategies, and examples of engagement. Visit

FACE Videos

      Family and Community Engagement Toolkit Spanish FACE Essential Video Spanish FACE Toolkit Video
FACE Framework Essential    FACE Toolkit Spanish FACE Essential  Spanish FACE Toolkit

Additional Resources

My School Info provides detailed information about your child’s school. Follow these easy steps to access school reports.

Resources are available for educators on the DESE website. To learn about becoming a teacher or school leader, educator licensure, educator support and development, and education workforce resources and data, go to Routes to Teacher Licensure Preparation.

In an effort to deliver improved customer service and reduce costs, the Office of Educator Licensure will no longer print a paper license upon renewal. You may print a copy of your license from the Educator View screen at or click on   

Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming conferences, webinars and meetings

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Please join us on Facebook and Instagram Many more communication tools are available on the Communications webpage

The My Child/My Student Campaign features a monthly newsletter that educators can share with parents. Access these tools on the My Child/My Student webpage.

The ADE Quick Links can be downloaded to a phone or tablet. This allows quick access to the ADE Acronym Translator and many other helpful tools:

Be sure to celebrate amazing educators by participating in teacher appreciation every day. For appreciation ideas, visit the Teacher Appreciation webpage.   




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Learn more about the standards that define the knowledge and skills Arkansas students should have in order to be ready for college and careers.

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