COVID-19 Information

This page is updated frequently to provide parents and educators with information and resources during the COVID-19 health crisis. Additional information is available on the Arkansas Ready for Learning page.

COVID-19 Vaccines Infographic

In the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus, information is power. Please check out the infographic concerning the COVID-19 vaccines, a helpful and reliable resource about the vaccines. 

Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Prohibiting the Enforcement of Act 1002

On August 6, 2021, Judge Tim Fox issued a temporary restraining order that prohibits the enforcement of Act 1002 of 2021 pending continuing court proceedings. Under the order, there can be no enforcement action taken against any school district or charter school that adopts or implements a requirement to use masks/face coverings. It is recommended that districts and charter schools consult district legal counsel when considering the adoption or implementation of mask implementation of mask/face covering requirements and the applicability of current local policies.

Resources for Return to On-site Instruction

For resources about the return to on-site instruction, please visit COVID-19 District and School Information.


The Kids Guide to the Coronavirus

Check out The Kids Guide to the Coronavirus. It focuses on the virus and terms such as social distancing, pandemic, masks and more.

Help Slow the Spread

Designed for PreK-4 education, Help Slow the Spread features a series of activity sheets and talking points for teachers, parents, and students to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Designated Hotlines

  • MAIN COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-803-7847
  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital Hotline: 1-800-743-3616

The State's COVID-19 Response, Department of Health Updates & Resources

Sign up for Gov. Asa Hutchinson's COVID-19 updates, access health department updates (for best results, avoid using Internet Explorer), and get other information by clicking on the buttons below. View the COVID-19 update recordings at, You can also access health care resources and ADEM COVID-19 Information.

Sign Up for Updates on the State's Response to COVID-19COVID-19 Status Updates From the Arkansas Department of HealthCOVID-19 Health Care ResourcesArkansas Division of Emergency Management COVID-19 Information

Learning Resources for Arkansas Students

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI)Continuing the Learning for Students at HomeOnline Resources for Students 

Arkansas Wi-Fi Map

Posted April 23, 2020

The Arkansas Department of Education is working with the University of Arkansas CAST team on building a map to display all free and public access Wi-Fi for our state. View the map:

This tool only improves with participation. This link allows for submission of additional sites:


COVID-19 District and School Information

Updated August 19, 2020

For resources about the return to on-site instruction, please visit COVID-19 District and School Information.

Guidance for Arkansas Schools Regarding COVID-19

Commissioner's Memo released July 27, 2021: 2021-2022 COVID-19 Guidance for Schools.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson released an executive order (revised 2/26/21) that details action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is the lead agency to work in concert with other state agencies to respond to the COVID-19 virus.

Commissioner's Memo released February 26, 2021: Additional Information Regarding COVID-19 Guidelines and Impact on School Events.

(For details on prior guidance for Arkansas schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, go to Commissioner's Memo LS-20-089 Guidance for Schools Regarding COVID-19)

Additional COVID-19 Data

Posted August 27, 2020

Child Nutrition Nationwide Waivers

Updated September 23, 2021

The following document features a list of child nutrition waivers granted to the Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. These waivers give flexibility in providing meals during COVID-19: Child Nutrition USDA Waivers for School Year 2021-2022.

A memo has been issued to provide guidance on the Child Nutrition Program nationwide waivers and flexibilities to support a successful school year. Please view Commissioner’s Memo CNU-21-025.

Additional resources are available on the Child Nutrition page.

Digital Learning Resources in Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 concerns, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education - Research and Technology team worked with state partners to create a list of digital learning resources that may assist schools with potential closures. Please visit Digital Learning Resources - COVID 19.

Designated Hotlines

In an effort to field concerns related to school closures and school/student-related concerns of potential positive COVID-19 cases, the Arkansas Department of Health has designated a hotline for school personnel to utilize to report concerns. For all other concerns, individuals should use the MAIN COVID-19 Hotline number. These pertinent numbers are listed below:

  • School Personnel Designated COVID-19 Hotline: 1-833-504-0155
  • MAIN COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-803-7847

Questions? Districts can email education questions to

    Guidance, Considerations and Supports