Administrator Licensure Completion Plan (ALCP) Form


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An administrator license, issued by the state, allows one to serve as an administrator in an Arkansas school district or other state agency or organization requiring an administrator license. 

Three Administrator Licenses

1. Building Level Administrator

2. Curriculum/Program Administrator

  • School leader who is responsible for program development and administration, and/or employment evaluation decisions 
  • Each Curriculum/Program Administrator License is limited to one of the following areas: Special Education (grade level P-12), Gifted and Talented Education (grade level P-12),  Career and Technical Education (grade levels P-12), Adult Education (post-secondary), Content Area Specialist (grade level P-12), Curriculum Specialist (grade level P-12).  
  • Please refer to the Rules Governing Educator Licensure for specifics regarding licensure requirements for Currlculum/Program Administrator.
  • Standard Curriculum Program Administrator Application 2018
  • Curriculum Program Administrator ALCP

3. District Level Administrator

The original application must be completed and filed with the Office of Educator Licensure.