Fiscal Services and Support


The Fiscal Services and Support Unit partners with school districts, charter schools, and co-ops to maintain fiscal stability while providing all students an opportunity to learn and achieve their fullest potential.


The unit provides assistance and support to school districts, public charter schools, and education service cooperatives, in preparing budgets.  The unit also monitors the fiscal operations and accounts of all school districts, education service cooperatives, and charter schools.

Data is gathered and analyzed to identify any fiscal condition that, if not corrected, could have a negative impact on the continuation of educational services by the school district. Intervention and professional consultation are provided when there are early indicators that could possibly lead to fiscal distress status. The unit identifies districts in fiscal distress, assesses their financial condition, addresses areas of fiscal concern, and assists in determining how to bring the district back to fiscal stability.

Districts identified as being in Fiscal Distress present Fiscal Distress Plans to the Unit for review and approval. The unit provides follow-up to the district’s plan to ensure the future financial success of the district.  On-site technical evaluation and assistance is provided, as well as fiscal training to school district board members and employees. 

Fiscal Health Principles 

Fiscal Health Management Principles

Fiscal Efficiency and Management Tools

Salaries and FTE Page 36 37 FY 2011-2023
2022 Enrollment Projections Worksheet

Local Tax by Mill Type Calculator
Meals Per Labor Hour
Staffing Projection Template
Custodial Staffing

For more information, please contact:

Saliha Qazi, Coordinator of Fiscal Services and Support
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Four Capitol Mall, Room 213C
Little Rock, AR 72203
Phone: 501-682-4228
Fax: 501-683-3433


Jason Miller, OCSS Fiscal Support
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Fiscal Services and Support
Four Capitol Mall Room 217C
Little Rock, AR 72203
Office: 501- 683-5289