LEA State Funding, Loans and Bonds

The State Funding/Loans & Bonds Unit provides accurate, current, and timely information and services to school district administrators and personnel, education service cooperatives, fiscal agents, legislators and staff, ADE personnel, and the general public.

The State Funding, Loans and Bonds Unit:

  • Calculates funding for school districts and public charter schools.  The categories of funding include:  state foundation, alternative learning environment, English language learners, enhanced student achievement, isolated, bonded debt assistance, and professional development funding.
  • Administers the Revolving Loan Program, providing short-term financing to school districts and education service cooperatives for a variety of purposes including equipment purchases, renovation of existing facilities, and new construction.
  • Processes, tracks, and publishes/provides information regarding commercial bond issues and short-term debt including postdated warrants, lease purchase agreements, and installment contracts.
  • Audits duplicate enrollment data after state reporting cycles 3, 5, 6, and 7 to resolve any conflicts where students are simultaneously enrolled. 
  • Informs districts regarding school election timelines and compiles election results.
  • Monitors and tracks millage increases and county property assessments.
  • Monitors districts’ websites to ensure each district meets the state mandates for posting personnel policies and salary schedules.
  • Compiles the annual statistical report.



For more information, please contact:

Anita Freer, State Funding Coordinator
Phone:  501-682-4484
Vivian Roberts, LEA State Funding
Phone: 501-682-4486
David Allison, LEA State Funding
Phone:  501-682-4494
Amy Woody, Loans & Bonds
Phone:  501-682-4465
Patricia Monterroso, Assessments-Elections-Millage
Phone:  501-682-4485
Tammi Rickert, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  501-682-9036

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