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Disciplinary Literacy

Science (Available Summer 2015)
Short Title: Leveraging Literacy in Science
6 hours (one day)
This module is important for science educators at the 4-5 and 6-8 grade levels, as these teachers prepare students to meet the expectations of the NGSS and the state Frameworks.
Extensive research establishes the need for college and career ready students to be proficient in reading and writing complex informational text independently in a variety of content areas. Many of the skills that are evident in strong readers and writers are also core skills in the study of science: predicting, understanding cause and effect, acquiring a rich vocabulary, building background knowledge, and developing the ability to read and write informational texts. This training module addresses effective literacy strategies for learning science and provides educators with opportunity to make connections among the NGSS, Frameworks, and CCSS in order to create instructional plans that incorporate the leverage literacy affords to science students. 
Social Studies/History (Available Summer 2016)
Short Title:  What’s the story, and who or what’s responsible?
6 hours (one day)
Description: “What’s the story, and who or what’s responsible?” Historical thinking skills drive this session! Designed for social studies/history teachers, this professional learning opportunity offers a model and practice for teaching historical thinking skills and developing inquiry-based lessons. Inquiries based on the revised ADE curriculum framework and C3 Framework will be examined as participants analyze primary and secondary sources. Participants will need online access as they interact with the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) which is aligned to the U.S. History Since 1890 course; historical thinking skills, analysis of primary and secondary sources, and IDM are applicable to all grades. Additional IDMs for Grades 5-12 will also be available.

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