Supporting PBIS Implementation

Supporting PBIS Implementation

Welcome to the Arkansas PBIS Training Modules. These modules were funded through the Arkansas State Personnel Development Grant and developed in collaboration with PBIS trainers, consultants from the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Arkansas State University, and content specialists from the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

What is the purpose of the training modules?

The Arkansas PBIS Training Modules were developed to support districts and schools in Arkansas that are interested in PBIS implementation. Although in-person training with CCE PBIS trainers is ideal, it is not always possible. The modules can serve multiple purposes:

  • Exploration: find out more about PBIS and how it works
  • Training of trainers and coaches: ensure sustainability by increasing local fluency in PBIS implementation
  • Initial training: after exploring PBIS and securing a group commitment, begin the implementation process
  • Booster training: after implementing PBIS, use the modules as go-to resources for strengthening PBIS implementation

What materials are included with each training module?

  • PowerPoint presentations: ready-made presentations, complete with trainer notes; can be used as-is with the flexibility of adding local context
  • Facilitator's Guides: additional detailed notes (slide by slide), resources, activity suggestions, handouts, homework suggestions, and general information for preparing to present the module

What is the significance of the module numbers? Do they need to be used in that order?

  • The PBIS framework consists of some major components, with 3 Tiers or levels of support. The modules contain information on how to build these components.
  • Those new to PBIS should begin with Tier I Module 1, which is an overview and explains the philosophy of PBIS. The facilitator guides that accompany the modules contain suggested pre-requisites and suggestions for which module to explore next.
  • In addition to the major components, there are modules on special topics that will help schools improve the fidelity of implementation. Some of these modules (e.g., Staff Ownership) do not have pre- or post- suggestions, as they are supplemental in nature.

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