Cyber Threat Response Team

No school district should feel alone when facing a cyber attack.

black logo in the shape of Arkansas with a circuitboard pattern that says P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team

Arkansas' P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team represents a collaborative effort among Arkansas Cooperative Technology Coordinators, Arkansas Team Digital, and the Arkansas Division of Information Systems (DIS). The Cyber Threat Response Team is a small group of IT professionals who are willing and ready to provide onsite support, at no cost to the district, whenever an Arkansas school district is faced with a cyber threat. Information collected through the P-12 Cyber Threat Response Team will only be used to inform and protect Arkansas school districts.

Report a Cyber Incident

During the 2021 Regular Session, the Arkansas General Assembly enacted Act 260, which requires a public entity, or contractual provider of a public entity, to disclose in writing an initial report of the known facts of a security incident to the Legislative Auditor within five (5) business days after learning of the incident. Additionally, the public entity shall provide regular updates regarding the status of the incident. A report, update, notification, or list created or maintained under this law is exempt from FOIA as a security function under Ark. Code Ann. §25-19-105(b)(11).

If a cyber incident has occurred in your district, please visit for further instructions.

What are the team's goals?

  1. Ensure districts know they are not alone when faced with a cyber threat.
  2. Increase communication between districts, co-ops, DESE, and DIS when a district is under attack.
  3. Build our internal capacity in handling and responding to cyber threats through hands-on experience.

When should a school district communicate a cyber threat?

School districts should communicate with their DIS Field Technician or Co-op Technology Coordinator any time they are experiencing a cyber attack (regardless if onsite support is needed). It is important that we all communicate to better protect one another.

How can a school district activate onsite support?

Any school district facing a cyber threat can activate the Cyber Threat Response Team by contacting their local DIS Field Technician or Co-op Technology Coordinator. Upon request, the Cyber Threat Response Team will send our Cyber Threat First Responders to help isolate the incident, assess the situation, recover network/data/systems when possible, and implement prevention strategies.

Team Members*

  • Allen Dunn
  • Evan Patrick
  • Nathan Cline
  • Shashank Avvaru
  • Alan Floyd
  • Leon Brown

* Team members named here are those that chose to make their information public

For more information, please contact:
Ray Girdler, Director of Data Use & Privacy
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Office of Research & Technology
Phone: 501-683-4230