What We Do

Digital Learning Coaching

The DLU Digital Learning Specialists are trained as a united group to support digital learning on all levels. Our coaching structure is to offer support, guidance, and build capacity in those we work with. We work with all educators and with students. This work involves supporting through various avenues including but not limited to instructional support where teachers are embedding digital learning in some way, designing online instruction in the preferred platform (Google Classroom or Learning Management System), supporting social-emotional learning in online and blended environments, facilitating effective PLC processes for both in-person and virtual teams, and incorporating student involvement and voice in the integration of digital learning.

Skills of the DLU Team

The DLU team serves the entire state- every cooperative, district, school, educator, and student has access to our team's skill set. Below are some of the specific skills and perspectives we utilize to serve the digital learning needs of Arkansas:

  • Deep understanding of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Deep understanding of Federal Programs
  • Deep understanding of administration responsibilities at both the campus and district level
  • Support and connection with data systems such as StudentGPS, Triand, and Smart Data
  • High level of expertise with setting up, and working within social media platforms (primarily Twitter and Facebook)
  • High level of understanding with multimedia including video and podcasting
  • Professionally trained graphic design experts with experience in Adobe
  • Blended and online course development and delivery training and certification
  • Google trained experts
  • Certified online course reviewers
  • Expertise with counselor support
  • Expertise with library media specialist support
  • Depth of understanding with RISE and Math QUEST
  • Expertise with World Language and ESL content and instruction
  • Partnership with Office of Innovation and supporting schools that are looking for becoming and remaining Schools of Innovation
  • Deep understanding of the Universal Design for Learning Framework
  • Trained on the Solution Tree PLC process
  • Support with web development and JavaScript/HTML coding for web design purposes
  • Guidance for copyright and accessibility with the delivery of online content
  • Clinical research support
  • Expertise in competency-based learning
  • Connection to the vast amount of resources, experts, and organizations that provide an integrated high level of support for those served by the DLU
  • Partnerships with varied entities to create professional learning for educators of all levels and resources
    • DESE Engagement Unit (formerly Family and Community Engagement)
    • Extreme Reading and SIM Training
    • Learning Services PD support
    • Micro-credentialing
    • Novice teacher training support
    • Online Teaching and Learning Certification support and assessment
  • Expertise with instructional tools and resources like, but not limited to, most LMS platforms, Nearpod, Pear Deck, Google Slides, YouTube, Zoom, and Jigabot

What that Translates To - Services

  • Support to homegrown virtual academies via PLCs
  • Vetting digital tools and curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Professional development support
  • Professional development instructional design
  • Professional development instructional design support
  • Strategic planning
  • Project support and project management
  • Coaching: 1-on-1, small group, department, school, district, and educational service cooperative
  • Digital Learning Plan drafting support
  • Quality Matters Consortium Representative for Arkansas
  • Online course review support
  • Parent communication for digital learning
  • Public relations assistance via webpage, social media, WordPress/blog support
  • LMS selection
  • Content selection
  • PLC support
  • HRS support