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Social Media Awareness Campaign

Welcome to the SMACtalk Parent Blog! As parents, we are all raising our children in a digital world that may look different from our own childhoods. Regularly talking with our children about their online world is one of the most important things we can do. Here you will find videos, thoughts, and other resources curated by thoughtful parents so that we can become better at talking SMAC with our kids.

In companion to the SMACtalk Parent Blog, parent-friendly posters - in English and Spanish - are provided as another means for schools to connect with parents and parents to connect with their children. Posters are designed to inform and educate parents in keeping our children safe online. Posters can be placed in the parent center at a school, posted online, shared on social media, or sent home in students' backpacks.


Vlog: Why Do Kids Want To Be On Social Media?

by Rachel Schell, parent of an Arkansas student

Listen to Rachel Schell (mom, business owner, professional speaker, and consultant) as she talks about her journey raising her 8-year-old daughter in this digital age and creating a social media account for the first time.


October Parent Posters: Online Etiquette

by SMACtalk for Parents

Click the image(s) to download the PDF poster highlighting online etiquette or "netiquette" and cyberbullying.


Parents: Keep an Eye on Your Child's Online Activities

by Belinda Kittrell, parent of an Arkansas student

Parents and children were optimistic for a new fall outlook only to see COVID-19 rear its ugly head. We are all missing friends and summer activities. Pandemic fatigue is a daily fight with no end in sight. This lack of normalcy has many children turning to the internet for new friends and activities. It is important that parents keep an eye on these online friends and activities. The following are a list of items that I have discussed with my daughter as the summer has worn. Everyone has an angel for their child that is why I also did my iPad history and email checks.

  1. Never share your passwords to devices, email, or social media accounts information.
  2. Be careful who you talk to online – it could be a predator.
  3. Never give them your home address and phone number.
  4. Never take and send pictures that you would not plaster on the front door of nearest church!
  5. Never agree to meet someone you talk to online.
  6. Never invite people you meet to your home.
  7. Never share when and where parents will be out of town.


SMACtalk presents "CYBERWISE"

by Mr. Steve, The Music Man

Although the song was created with elementary students in mind, we think listeners of all ages can enjoy shaking their hips to these online safety tips - a great way to get the conversation started with your family.


September Parent Posters: Introduction to SMACtalk

by SMACtalk for Parents

Click the image(s) to download the PDF poster introducing SMACtalk with "CYBERWISE" by Mr. Steve, The Music Man.