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Social Media Awareness Campaign

SMACtalk for Students provides student-focused resources related to social media awareness and internet safety. This year, our mission is to provide video content made by students, for students. Topics include student experiences with various social media platforms. In the Related Links section, you can find additional pages with age-appropriate videos, interactive games, and other fun activities that are designed to help students become better digital citizens.

🐝 SMACtalk for Elementary Students

The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Social Media Awareness Campaign (SMACtalk) is excited to announce the launch of CyberBee, a K-2 cyber safety read-aloud initiative. CyberBee was created to bring awareness to a new generation in learning how to navigate the fast-changing digital world. CyberBee's mission is to fly into libraries and classrooms across the state to read and talk to K-2 students about cyber safety. As students spend more time learning and socializing online, more is needed to keep students healthy and safe.

Featured Books

  • If You Give a Mouse An iPhone by Ann Droyd
  • Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
  • The Technology Tail by Julia Cook and Anita DuFalla
  • #Goldilocks by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
  • But It's Just A Game by Julia Cook

📢 SMACtalk for Secondary Students

Does your school have a student news team that would be interested with partnering with DESE's social media awareness campaign? We are looking for students who would be willing to create and submit content (videos or blogs) as well as teams who would receive SMACtalk "press releases" from our team (and use them to develop broadcast or print news segments for their school). Depending on space and availability, some students may also be invited to participate in the SMACtalk for Students subcommittee.

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SMACtalk for Students has also curated a collection of social media and online safety resources that can be found in the Related Links section at the top of this page.

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