Brain Injury Consultant Arkansas Special Education Resource Consultants (ARSERC)

Brain Injury Consultant
Arkansas Special Education Resource Consultants (ARSERC)

Who We Are

The state consultant for students with brain injury serves in a variety of ways to support and improve access to the appropriate provision of educational services in the schools. This includes consultation and technical assistance, provision of continuing professional education, and information dissemination concerning the latest researched-based practices and methods for students with brain injury. Services may consist of telephone consultation, review of medical and school records, and, if needed, on-site visits to schools. 

Who We Serve

Children who have a head injury that is called "brain injury" or a "traumatic brain injury" may be eligible for services through their school or preschool. This injury may have been due to a concussion, skull fracture, sport or motor vehicle accident, or other closed head injury. Children who have what is called an "acquired brain injury" through blood clots, strokes, infection, aneurysms, tumors or other medical conditions may also need services.

Services We Provide 


Services may be accessed by a CIRCUIT referral. Referrals may be made by local education area supervisors, medical personnel, school district administrators, or parents of children who have received an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

Telephone Consultation

Parents, physicians, and school personnel may call to obtain information about what programming would be beneficial for a particular student who has sustained a brain injury. Consultant may request medical data to aid in determining appropriate programming.

Review of Records

At the request of a parent or a school district, a student’s educational and/or medical information may be reviewed by the consultant. After review, parent and/or school will be contacted to be appraised of changes in programming that would help to ensure a free appropriate public education (FAPE). A review may lead to telephone follow-up, a written report, and/or an on-site visit.

On-Site Visits

At the discretion of the consultant, an on-site visit may be scheduled after a phone consultation and/or review of records. On-site visits may consist of observation of the student, attendance of due process conferences, interview with the faculty, and/or training to provide faculty with appropriate strategies for the particular student.

For more information, please contact:

Phone:501-319-7333 ext. 124