School-Based Speech-Language Pathology Services

Who We Are

The SLP consultant serves in a variety of ways to support and advance the provision of speech and language services in the schools, including consultation and technical assistance, provision of continuing professional education, distribution of professional news and information, facilitation of intrastate communication among speech-language pathologists, related service providers, and educational personnel, and maintenance of a resource loan program.

Services We Provide 

General Technical Assistance (TA)

At this time, general TA services for speech-language pathologists and LEAs include the provision of  information relevant to, and frequently asked about, speech and language practice in Arkansas’ schools, which is readily available through Shelly’s Communication Board and/or shared via the consultant’s SLP/LEA email distribution system or by phone (on request). A free, live workshop is also provided statewide each year, designed specifically for SLPs, to address current professional topics and important school-related issues within the state.  Topics are chosen based on needs assessment, current issues, input from colleagues, professional development attended, and/or training needed to prepare SLPs/LEAs for an initiative or state-level change.

Targeted Technical Assistance

At this time, targeted TA services for speech-language pathologists and LEAs are obtained by request and may be provided onsite or online, as time, topic and need dictate.  TA may involve mini-presentations, conference calls, Q&A/group discussions, focused problem-solving, or planning/work sessions dedicated either to an individual student's IEP needs, or to a specific topic/issue, such as speech-language evaluation methods, state regulations & documentation, service delivery options, caseload/workload management, Medicaid eligibility, or a workshop topic "complement" (e.g. After attending a Language Processing workshop, you can schedule a topic overview, more explicit training, and suggestions for local implementation.). The SLP Consultant is also available *to help identify, facilitate, or co-host expert speaker presentations, to organize work groups for specific tasks, and to facilitate focus groups that analyze, develop, or troubleshoot specific materials or procedures.  *An SLP Consultant Advisory Group coordinates and assists with these activities.

Intensive Technical Assistance

Consideration of potential speech-language practices that would necessitate intensive TA for successful implementation, is ongoing and based on concerns reported by SLPs and LEAs, as well as current professional research and evidence-based practices.  Intensive TA services requires, at a minimum, time and participation assurances from various district level administrators and from appropriate staff, prior to initiation of service, to establish shared concern for, value in, and commitment to the work to come.  School districts considering the development of, or a change in, SLP services can request further information on the following projects currently under development:
  •  Use of Teletherapy (selecting a platform, installing services, sustaining the system)
  •  An Educational Model of Speech-Language Service (indirect, collaborative, 3:1 model, MTSS)  

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Adams
State Systemic Improvement Plan Coordinator
ADE Special Education Unit
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 450
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-4221