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Student learning is a shared responsibility between schools and parents. Technology is transforming how and where students learn. The classroom has been extended to any location with an internet connection. As students spend more time learning and socializing online, we all need to work together to ensure our students stay healthy and safe. The Social Media Awareness Campaign (SMACtalk) was formed in response to this need. The purpose of SMACtalk is to bring awareness, provide resources, and increase communication for teachers, parents, and students.

On the last day of each month, SMACtalk will release new content for each of the following themes:

  • August: Self-Assess Readiness & Introduction to SMACtalk
  • September: Online Etiquette (e.g., cyberbullying, upstanding)
  • October: Developing Healthy Virtual Relationships
  • November: Vetting Information
  • December: Privacy Protection (e.g., personal privacy, privacy of others)
  • January: Establishing an Online Presence (e.g., work, college recruitment, Digital Billboard)
  • February: Online Dangers (e.g., online predators, sexting)
  • March: Unplugging (e.g., setting limits)
  • April: Summer SMAC (e.g., staying connected, virtual learning opportunities, mental wellness)

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