Employment Opportunities

Position: 2216-9373
Division: Student Support Services – Arkansas Better Chance
Position: 2215-0728
Division: Special Projects - Office of Educational Renewal Zone
Position: 2208-3019
Division: Curriculum and Assessment - STEM-Math
Position: 2208-2983
Division: Curriculum and Assessment - STEM - Math
Position: 2208-2897
Division: Central Support Services
Position: 2208-2989
Division: School Performance Unit
Position: 2208-2904
Division: Office of Standards and Systems Support
Position: 2208-3010
Division: School Performance
Position: 2208-2909
Division: Public School Accountability
Position: 2208-3026
Division: District Support
Position: 2208-2769
Division: Educator Effectiveness
Position: 2212-2171
Division: Educator Licensure
Position: 2208-2986
Division: Legal Services
Position: 2213-3903
Division: Facilities and Transportation - Transportation

For more information, please contact:

Clemetta Hood, Human Resources Manager
Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Human Resources
Four Capitol Mall, Room 106A
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-2744
Email: Clemetta.Hood@arkansas.gov