Steps to Verification

1.  Approve Applications  (Start of School)
2.  Choose a method of verification (on or before October 1) (See page 101 of Eligibility Manual)
The Excel spreadsheet has four tabs:
“Required Standard”
“Standard by Default”
“Alternate I”
“Alternate II”
Open the tabs, look for the district's LEA number and name to determine the correct verification sampling method to be completed by the district. Special provision (Provision 2 and Community Eligibility) districts will not appear on any list because they do not conduct verification activities.
3.  Write a narrative of the application selection process, keep with verification records.
5.   Determine the total number of APPROVED Applications on file (as of October 1)
7.  Select Applications to be verified (by October 1)
8.  Recheck the original Eligibility Determination (After Selection of Applications)
9.  Notify household of selection for verification – Notification of Household Selection Sample Letter, Eligibility Manual
10.  Collect income documentation (October 1 – November 15)
11.  Calculate eligibility based on supplied documentation (October 1 to November 15)
12.  Notify household of verification results (No later than November 15) – Notification of Adverse Action Sample Letter
13.  Complete Verification Tracker for each application verified (November 15 - December 15) – Verification Tracker Form (DOC)
14.  Compile Districts Verification Results to report to State (November 15-December 15)
15.  Complete FNS-742, Verification Collection Report. For training on completing the FNS-742 see the attached link for 2021-2022 Verification Reporting:
16. Email report to (No Later than December 15)