Projects for Students

There are many opportunities for students to engage in learning activities about the solar eclipse. Below are a few activities planned in Arkansas and around the country.

Data Collection Project

The ADE Office of Computer Science is excited to partner with the University of Central Arkansas in Conway for the 2024 Solar Eclipse Endeavor Statewide Data Hunt. For this exciting project, educators and students will collect and monitor light and temperature levels during the April 8 solar eclipse. After the eclipse, UCA will combine the data, which will be shared with districts for continued learning and additional projects with students. Learn more on our Data Collection Project page.

Central Arkansas Project

The Physics Department at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway is recruiting teams for the Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse project, a nationwide citizen science project. Student from around the country who participate in the project will capture data during the April 8 eclipse. To learn more, visit or contact Dr. Jeremy Lusk at UCA at  

National Project

The Eclipse Soundscapes Project, a NASA Citizen Science project funded by NASA Science Activation, is looking for data collectors for the eclipse. The project will revisit an eclipse study from almost 100 years ago that showed behavior patterns of animals and insects during solar eclipses. Learn more at

Eclipse Viewer Project

Using just an empty cereal box along with a few other items, students can make an eclipse viewer at home. Learn more at