Statewide Computer Science Specialists


The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Computer Science has provided grants for state-wide computer science specialists. The primary task for these specialists is to provide Arkansas educators with access to quality computer science professional development. Though the following specialists may be housed in a particular Education Service Cooperative (ESC) or town, they are statewide specialists and will serve the computer science professional development needs of all educators across Arkansas as directed and approved by the ADE Office of Computer Science.

Kelly Griffin - Lead Statewide CS Specialist

Little Rock
Cell Phone: 501-289-0367

Expertise: Robotics and Connecting to Business

Mark Barnes - Statewide CS Specialist

Phone: 501-242-2573

Expertise: Programming (full stack), Data Science, Machine Learning

Jim Furniss - Statewide CS Specialist

Cell Phone: 501-289-0317

Expertise: CS PRAXIS prep and Level I/II programming

Tammy Glass - Statewide CS Specialist

Cell Phone: 501-289-2170
Expertise: K-8 content and integration, CTE Integration, and Innovation/Maker Spaces

John Hart - Statewide CS Specialist

Cell Phone: 501-289-2198
Expertise: Cross-curricular integration, video game design, and esports

Lori Kagebein - Statewide CS Specialist

Hot Springs
Cell Phone: 501-289-2199
Expertise: Full Stack Development (Java, SQL, HTML) and ASMSA’s CodingARFuture

Eli McRae - Statewide CS Specialist

Fort Smith
Cell Phone: 501-289-2204
Expertise: Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, electrical engineering and software development  

Alex Moeller - Statewide CS Specialist

Cell Phone: 501-289-2167

Expertise: Robotics and Programming 

Leslie Savell - Statewide CS Specialist

Cell Phone: 501-289-2205

Expertise: K-8 Robotics, Codeables, and CS Newsletter  

Zack Spink - Statewide CS Specialist and Lead Software Developer

Walnut Ridge
Cell Phone: 501-289-2185
Expertise: Programming (all levels), Virtual Reality, and Game Development


For more information, please contact:

Four Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201
State Director of Computer Science Education
Lead Computer Science Specialist
Office of Computer Science Program Advisor
Office of Computer Science Policy Development Coordinator

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