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Leveraging Social Emotional Learning

G.U.I.D.E. for Life Webpage

The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education has identified five guiding principles that support educators, business leaders, communities, and students in their efforts to help all Arkansans develop these critical skills. The principles represent skills needed to thrive at home, school, on the job, and in the community: Growth (manage yourself). Understanding (know yourself). Interaction (build relationships). Decisions (make responsible choices), Empathy (be aware of others) Please visit the G.U.I.D.E. for Life webpage.

    Teacher Self-Care and Emotional Resilience

    The Compassion Resilience Toolkit from Rogers in Health and WISE (End Stigma Together) is a toolkit for schools that offers information, activities, and resources for school leadership and staff to understand, recognize, and minimize the experience of compassion fatigue and to increase compassion resilience perspectives and skills.



    Books (Great for teacher book clubs)

    • The Path to Serendipity - Allyson Apsey
    • Through the Lens of Serendipity - Allyson Apsey
    • Balance Like a Pirate - Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, Sarah Johnson
    • Run Like a Pirate - Adam Welcome
    • A Passion for Kindness - Tamara Letter
    • Be Real - Tara Martin
    • Be the One for Kids - Ryan Sheehy
    • Sanctuaries - Dan Tricarico
    • The Zen Teacher - Dan Tricarico



    • Calm App: Leading the way with meditation in schools to help teachers and students deal with concerns, while improving the overall climate of the classroom
    • Headspace App: A guided meditation and mindfulness app designed to be used daily by adults and children
    • Be Strong App: The Be Strong app unites power with choice that saves & changes lives. You'll find resources, support, and intervention for those who are affected by bullying, depression, or suicide, and best practices on combatting many adversities. We know this generation is facing issues and disadvantages that result in bullying and we want to help. If you have friends who are struggling with hunger, housing, escaping violence and much more, sit down with them and put your zip code in the local support section of the app – Help is at your fingertips!

    Trauma-Informed Practices

    Remote Learning

    Social Emotional Learning Lessons

    For more information, please contact:

    Tammy Friend, G.U.I.D.E. for Life Specialist
    Arkansas Department of Education
    Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Curriculum Support Services
    Four Capitol Mall, Room 305-B
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Phone: 501-682-4240