Six Ways to Increase Computer Science in Your DIstrict

1. Identify a district and/or school lead for computer science

  •  This will demonstrate to your school and stakeholders that you are serious about computer science (CS)
  •  A CS lead should be a teacher or administrator that is passionate about CS, even if they don't teach it
  •  This person should connect with the #CSforAR / #ARKidsCanCode team as soon as possible

2. Identify potential teachers for your computer science programs

  •  Schools that have a certified teacher see higher student enrollment across all levels of CS courses 
  •  There are many pathways to become a CS teacher (
    •  Traditional licensure program of study (people new to the teaching field)
      •  Complete an approved bachelor's program
      •  Pass the CS content knowledge PRAXIS testing (
      •  Pass a background check, apply for licensure through ADE, and start teaching CS
    •  Existing teachers adding CS
    •  Professionals in the field that hold a bachelor's degree
      •  Identify an alternative pathway that works best for your situation (APPEL, PPTL, MAT)
      •  Pass the CS content knowledge PRAXIS testing (
      •  Pass a background check and apply for a provisional license through ADE
      •  Start Teaching CS
      •  Complete selected program
  •  Teachers may be eligible for numerous stipends and reimbursement programs if they get CS endorsed and teach high school CS courses (

3. Build a strong K-8 computer science program to feed into your high school programs

  •  Ensure that schools are teaching the required K-8 standards at each grade level and the Coding Block for Grades 7 & 8 (
  •  Encourage educators to enter the K-8 CS Lead Teacher Program (

4. Encourage your teachers to continue learning

  •  The ADE Office of CS and #CSforAR Specialists team provides multiple levels of training in all education service cooperatives in Arkansas. (
  •  These trainings are provided at no cost to schools or teachers and some even have bonuses for attending. (
  •  All Arkansas educators have access to over 4,000 Linkedin Learning (formerly tech lessons at no cost through

5. Build pathways for careers and college

  •  Go beyond the minimum requirement of one course at high school by building a pathway of at least three courses. 
  •  Seek program of study approval for the three courses through ARCareerEd. (
  •  Select pathways that lead to industry certifications needed by industries; contact local companies to find out their needs.
  •  Ensure at least one pathway includes AP CS A and/or concurrent CS course options for students. 

6. Allocate resources to ensure educators have the technology tools, curriculum, and training needed to provide access to computer science content

For more information, please contact:

Four Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201
State Director of Computer Science Education