Great Arkansas History Video Game Coding Competition

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the third year of the Great Arkansas History Video Game Coding Competition. Open to students in grades 4-8, the competition emphasizes storytelling, state history, and coding, and gives students the ability to use their coding abilities while supporting literary growth and expanding their knowledge of Arkansas history.
This Arkansas Department of Education webpage is the official location to find competition information including locations, dates, times, rules, registration process, updates and results.
Click the image above or here to watch a promotional video about the competition; in addition a promotional flyer is downloadable at

2022-2023 Competition Cycle


Commissioner's Memo announcing the competition.


Intent to Submit Form

Schools interested in having team submissions are encouraged, but not required, to fill out an intent to submit form, by January 1, 2023.


Competition Rules and Preliminary Information

Sponsors and others interested should read the competition rules and Preliminary Information found at:



My Favorite Arkansas Ghost Story: Folklore and fable, the rich history and dark mysteries of our amazing natural state

Arkansas is full of local and regional folk tales, and as we start to ease into Autumn, we would love to learn and hear about what stories have been passed down through your town. Ghost stories can encompass haunted houses, unrequited love, unexplained phenomena and even some silly bits of lore, and can be found in every dark and dusty corner of this state, from the Ozarks to the Delta. Need some inspiration? Visit your library, your mayor, or a local museum. Because every story is unique, we expect any kind of game could be used. So get creative, flex those coding muscles (large or small), and tell us your favorite Arkansas ghost story. As always, we look forward to playing it. 





Window: March 27, 2023, through noon on April 3, 2023


Submission Template: Blank

For more information, please contact:

Four Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201
State Director of Computer Science Education