Scores from 2023

Accessing Assessment Information

  • Assessment results will be posted when available.
  • Students will get results from their school of enrollment during the assessment
  • period.
  • Alternative formats may be requested through the school/district.



Requests for individual test results in an alternative format (e.g., Braille, large print, alternate language) should be directed to the local school/district. Districts that are unable to accommodate requests locally should contact the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Student Assessment Unit at 501-682-4558.

To protect student information, all reports in alternative formats will be provided to the local school/district for dissemination to parents/guardians.

Los resultados de exámenes individuales se pueden solicitar en formatos alternativos (tales como Braille, letra grande o idiomas alternativos), dirigiéndose a la escuela o distrito escolar local. Los distritos que no puedan atender las solicitudes a nivel local deben comunicarse con la Unidad de Evaluación de Estudiantes (Student Assessment Unit, en inglés) de la División de Educación Primaria y Secundaria de Arkansas (Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, en inglés) al 501-682-4558.

Para asegurar la protección de los datos de los estudiantes, todos los informes en formatos alternativos se proporcionarán solamente a la escuela o distrito local, para que éstos los distribuyan a los padres o tutores.

District and School Results

In the following spreadsheets, "N<10" denotes that 10 or fewer students were tested. Use of "N<10'" avoids inadvertently identifying individual students. For test data not listed, please use the data request form.

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