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Beliefs, Vision, and Mission


Nutritious, tasty, affordable school lunches and school breakfasts should be available for all students in Arkansas public schools.
School environments that make available only healthful food choices, provide adequate time for their selection and enjoyment, and promote their consumption through pleasant surroundings and positive adult role modeling should be the norm for Arkansas public schools.

Nutrition education in the classroom and the cafeteria to promote critical thinking that will result in the development of healthful eating behaviors, improved learning readiness, health promotion, disease prevention, and pleasure in eating should be a priority for all schools.

Local, state, and federal commitment for child nutrition programs as integral components of education, evidenced by adequate financial resources effectively managed to provide quality services are necessary for a Healthy School.


Every Arkansas public school student and staff member will exhibit an understanding of nutrition concepts by selecting healthful meals at school and away from school.


To foster the service of nutritious meals and the development of school environments supportive of healthful eating behaviors of all students and staff.

Child Nutrition Unit Staff Contact Information  

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Suzanne Davidson – Director
Sheila Chastain – Associate Director of Finance and Training
Donna Ratliff – Grant Manager, Finance
Louann Griswood – Accounting Coordinator, FFVP 
Sandi Waymire- Education and Instruction Specialist
Matthew Burns Administrative Assistant for Claims Processing
Karen Harrelson - Administrative Assistant for FFVP
Krista Jackson – Associate Director of Program Operations
Nancy Dill – Program Manager for FSMC and Charter Schools
Melissa Ray– FSMC Monitoring Specialist
Courtney Erick – Area Specialist Supervisor
Jacinda Gray – Area Specialist
Bailey Kelly – Area Specialist
Kristen Gottshall – Area Specialist Supervisor
Meredith Mannix – Area Specialist
Faith English – Area Specialist
Cordelia Underwood Area Specialist
Ireland Stone-Smith- Area Specialist
Kennedy Kerins- Area Specialist
Leah Lacey-Watkins
– Administrative Assistant for FSMC
Brie Sharp - Administrative Assistant for Program Operations