No Time to Train

The Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) provides short lessons available for busy school nutrition employees called No Time to Train.  Arkansas CNU has developed instructor videos to team with the content presented in these lessons. This information can be presented to your team in short 15 minute intervals. Remember to log the training hours for all employees in attendance.
1.  Five Steps for Food-Safe Taste Testing  (Video) (PDF)

2.  Effect of Batch Cooking on Food Quality (Video) (PDF)

3.  Determining When to Batch Cook (Video) (PDF)
4.  Receiving Affects Customer Satisfaction (Video) (PDF)
5.  Identifying and Preserving Quality in Value-Added  (Video) (PDF)
6. Best Practices Affect Quality in Value-Added Products  (Video) (PDF)
7.  Food Production Records: Why  (Video) (PDF)
8.  Food Production Records: What and Where (Video) (PDF)
9.  Food Production Records: Who and When (Video) (PDF)
10. How Food is Portioned (Video) (PDF)
11. Combine Multiple Servings by Count (Video) (PDF)
12. Combine Multiple Servings by Volume  (Video) (PDF)
13. Combine Multiple Servings by Weight  (Video) (PDF)

14.  School Wellness  (Video) (PDF

15.  Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Video) (PDF)

16.  My Plate – The New Generation Food Icon  (Video) (PDF)
17. My Plate – Focus on Fruits (Video) (PDF)
18. My Plate – Let’s Talk Vegetables (Video) (PDF)
19.  My Plate - A Look at Grains  (Video) (PDF)
20. My Plate - Dairy Matters (Video) (PDF)
21.  My Plate - Protein Foods (Video) (PDF)
22.  Let’s Talk Oils and Fats (Video) (PDF)
23.  Physical Activity (Video) (PDF)
24.  HOT & COLD: The Importance of Temperature in Food Service (Video) (PDF)
25.  Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen (Video) (PDF)
26.  Identifying Kitchen Area Work Hazards (Video) (PDF)
27. Using a Metal Stem Thermometer (Video) (PDF)
29.  Portioning Matters!  (Video) (PDF)
30.  Protecting Quality Through the Flow of Food (Video) (PDF)
31.  Quality Standards – A Cafeteria Checklist (Video) (PDF)
32.  Identifying the Parts of a USDA Quantity Recipe (Video) (PDF)
33. Herbs, Spices, and Seasoning (Video) (PDF)
34. Adjusting a Recipe with Herbs and Spice (Video) (PDF)
35. Record Keeping in Child Nutrition Programs (Video) (PDF)

For more information, please contact:

Assistant Director Program Support
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Child Nutrition Unit
2020 West 3rd St, Suite 404
Little Rock, AR 72205
Office: 501-324-9502