Step 1: Build Awareness and Leadership Support

What is the difference between Data Privacy and Data Security?

Data Privacy relates to the collection and use of personal information of both students and staff. Schools collect student names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, demographic, contact, academics, and other identifying information for inclusion in each student's record.

Data Security describes the protections in place to prevent unauthorized access to or acquisition of personal student and staff information.

Data Security for Schools: A Legal and Policy Guide for School Boards by Christine N. Czuprynski, Reed Smith LLP

How can I build awareness and leadership support?

The Security Awareness Campaign is centered around the premise, "Security is people!" This campaign is not designed to replace technologies & policies needed for maintaining data security. Alternatively, it provides tools for building and district leaders to begin addressing human behaviors to establish a stronger data security culture. Building a data security culture within your organization requires shared leadership, roles, and responsibilities throughout.

People-Centric Security by Dr. Lance Hayden

Security Awareness Steps

  1. Build Awareness and Leadership Support
  2. Complete a Risk Assessment and Data Inventory
  3. Develop an Incident Response Plan
  4. Provide Continuous Training

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