Child Care Licensing | Alarms


Act 1979 of 2005 states that all vehicles designed to transport more than seven (7) passengers and one driver shall have a child safety alarm device installed by a qualified technician or mechanic. The device required is an alarm that would sound if a staff member fails to walk to the rear inside of the vehicle and press a button to deactivate the system each time the motor is turned off. The intent is to prevent children from being left in the vehicle.

Vehicles currently in service in licensed programs must be fitted with this device no later than December 31, 2005. Newly licensed programs or vehicles newly purchased by existing programs after July 1, 2005, would require installation of the device prior to transporting children.

Approved Child Safety Alarm Resources

The Department of Human Services is required to maintain a list of approved child safety alarm devices and, in cooperation with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, has identified the following as approved units to satisfy the intent of this act. Units may be added or deleted from time to time; therefore, check for the most current list before purchasing a unit.

The following companies provide child safety alarm devices:

A qualified automotive technician following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines must install the unit. The following Arkansas companies have provided notification that they stock, install and warranty the warning systems specified in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures. The list may be expanded as other companies are identified.

  1. Arkansas Conversion Center (Bus Scan, Child Check Mate)
    712 Hwy 5 North, Benton, AR | 800-633-7549
  2. ATWEC Technologies, (Kiddie Voice)
    707 E. Broadway, West Memphis, AR | 888-890-1543
  3. Audio Obsessions (Bus-Scan, Child Check Mate)
    400 North 5th St., Blytheville, AR | 870-763-3107
  4. Central States Bus Sales (Bus-Scan, Sleeping Child Check Monitor)
    420 Lake Lane, North Little Rock, AR | 877-272-8737
  5. Fleet Management Services (Bus-Scan)
    901 East 8th Street, Little Rock, AR | 501-375-3672
  6. Merl’s Bus Sales (Child Reminder System, Sleeping Child Check Monitor)
    2604 Industrial Park Rd, Van Buren, AR | 1-800-776-2429
  7. Nationwide Bus Parts (Child Reminder System, Child Check Mate)
    1134 E. Mountain Road, Bee Branch, AR | 877-633-7278
  8. Ward Transportation Services (Bus-Scan, Child Check Mate)
    450 South Amity, Conway, AR | 800-364-9001