Proposed Rules & Public Notices

The Department of Human Services (DHS) follows the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule.  DHS values public comments on proposed rules. Comments may be submitted to The public comment period for each proposed rule appears below.

If DHS receives comments on a proposed rule, a Public Comment Summary with all comments and responses will be published on the proposed rule’s individual page after the comment period ends. 

The date identified below for a recent final rule is the date the rule becomes effective.

To sign-up for notifications on DHS proposed changes, submit a request to

Arkansas TEFRA Waiver11/17/2022Notice
Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Pre-Expenditure Report04/09/2023 - 05/08/2023Notice
Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Ending04/16/2023 - 05/15/2023Notice
Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me (ARHOME) Program04/23/2023Notice
SPA#2021-0008 - Public Ambulance Supplemental Payment07/15/2021 - 08/13/2021Proposed Rules
Arkansas Independent Assessment (ARIA) Manual, 1915 i08/05/2022 - 09/03/2022Proposed Rules
Amendment to ARChoices to allow Inpatient Attendant Care09/25/2022 - 10/24/2022Proposed Rules
Arkansas TEFRA Waiver11/17/2022Proposed Rules
Hospital Cost Settlement Reopening Process09/25/2022 - 10/24/2022Proposed Rules
Life 360 HOME Program10/09/2022 - 11/07/2022Proposed Rules
ARHOME, Workers with Disabilities, Transitional Medicaid Cost Sharing10/14/2022 - 11/13/2022Proposed Rules
SNAP and Medicaid - Office of Child Support Enforcement Related Changes03/27/2023Recent Final Rules
340B Modifiers on Physician Administered Drugs04/01/2023Recent Final Rules