School Funding


The School Funding Unit provides accurate, current, and timely information and services to school district personnel, education service cooperatives, fiscal agents, legislators and state agency staff to assist with management of funding issues by providing day-to-day correspondence and technical assistance. 


The School Funding Unit calculates funding for school districts, public charter schools and educational service cooperatives. The unit processes regular payment distributions for state and federal funds.


For more information, please contact:

 Mahoganey Franklin, Federal Funding
Phone:  501-682-4482
John Bradley, Federal Funding
Phone:  501-683-1461

Bianca Porter, Federal Funding

Phone:  501-683-1287

Amy Thomas, Federal Funding Coordinator
Phone:  501-682-3636
David Allison, State Funding
Phone:  501-682-4494
Patricia MonterrosoState Funding
Phone:  501-682-4485
Tammi Rickert State Funding
Phone:  501-682-9036
Vivian Roberts State Funding
Phone:  501-682-4486
Anita Freer State Funding Coordinator
Phone:  501-682-4484