Support for Home School Parents

The Home School Office is dedicated to protecting you, assisting you, and connecting you. To that end, this page is designed specifically for you – the home school parent – to support you in your homeschooling journey, wherever it may lead. The destination is up to you.

Protecting You

The Notice of Intent (NOI) to Home School is the annual registration form legally required in order to home school in Arkansas. Because state law says that a minor must be enrolled in school, the NOI serves as legal protection for you and your student(s).

The NOI can be used to provide an official verification letter from our office confirming the academic years and grade levels a student was homeschooled. We often get requests from parents, colleges, and employers asking for a letter.
The NOI is not used for: Soliciting you, tracking you or your activity as homeschoolers, contacting you unless there’s an issue to resolve that requires your assistance, or any purpose other than what’s stated by law.

Assisting You

Our office is available to assist you with:

  • Completing the online or paper Notice of Intent form
  • Obtaining a driver’s license or GED
  • Addressing the waiting period of 5 school days for students leaving public school to home school
  • Re-entering the public school as a home school student
  • Pursuing academic courses and extracurricular activities through the public schools

Connecting You

Our office provides the following resources for your voluntary use:

For additional information, please reference the resources and documents under Related Files and Related Links on this page or contact the Home School Office. The office is open during normal business hours Monday through Friday.
Related Links Disclaimer: The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) does not endorse the educational information offered by the organizations listed under the Related Links on this page. The links are provided to assist you with information regarding the home schooling of your child(ren). The DESE is not responsible for the content of any educational material received through these organizations. Please contact these organizations for additional information.

For more information, please contact:

Adrienne Williams, Home School Office
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Office of School Choice & Parent Empowerment
Four Capitol Mall, Mail Slot 6
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-683-3162
Fax: 501-371-3514

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