Arkansas Graduation Requirements

Students graduating from an Arkansas Public School or Public Charter School must meet or exceed the minimum 22 graduation credit requirements as adopted by the Arkansas State Board of Education. Because we know how important it is to graduate all students ready to succeed in college and career, the Arkansas Department of Education has created an Arkansas Graduation Requirements Handout

Please note the addition of Quantitative Reasoning as a practical option for students that may not need Algebra II for preparation for their chosen pathway. Quantitative Reasoning has been approved by the Higher Education Coordination Board as an option for postsecondary preparation.

The Student Success Plan (SSPshould be used to ensure that students in grades 8 through 12 have met all graduation requirements and provide comprehensive documentation of thoughtful review of student academic and career planning through middle and high school. The SSP addresses course selections and meet the needs of Smart Core and the Smart Core Waiver. The SSP should be used to guide students along pathways to graduation, address accelerated opportunities, address academic deficits and interventions, and include college and career planning components.

Districts are encouraged to review the sample template found HERE and compare it with their existing Student Success Plan materials and support.  As needed, the existing Student Success Plans should be updated to meet revised requirements as outlined in the LEARNS Act. The sample template includes options for selecting core general education courses and career-focused or content electives. These choices enable students to meet graduation requirements, earn postsecondary credits, obtain industry recognized credentials, and prepare for their personal goals.


Note: The SSP will be used in lieu of Smart Core documents.

Graduation Course Credit Requirements

English Language Arts - 4 credits 
  • ADE-Approved English 9 - 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved English 10 - 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved English 11 - 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved English 12 - 1 credit
Mathematics - 4 credits 
  • Algebra I  – 1 credit
  • Geometry  – 1 credit
  • Algebra II or Quantitative Reasoning – 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved Mathematics or Computer Science Flex – 1 credit
Science - 3 credits 
  • ADE-Approved biology – 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved physical science – 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved third science or Computer Science Flex – 1 credit
Social Studies - 3 credits 
  • ADE-Approved US History – 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved World History – 1 credit
  • ADE-Approved Civics – 0.5 credit 
  • ADE-Approved Economics and Personal Finance –0.5 credit 
Oral Communication – 0.5 credit 
Physical Education – 0.5 credit 
Health & Safety – 0.5 credit 
Fine Arts – 0.5 credit 
Career Focus or Additional Content – 6 credits 


Additional Graduation Requirements

  • An AR graduate shall complete a minimum of 75 clock hours of documented community service in grades 9-12; requirement begins for 2027 graduates. - A.C.A. § 6-16-1901
  • An AR graduate must earn credit in a course that includes Personal and Family Finance Standards in grades 9-12. - A.C.A. § 6-16-135
  • An AR graduate must pass with a 60% the Arkansas Civics Exam. - A.C.A. § 6-16-149
  • An AR graduate must complete CPR training. - A.C.A. § 6-16-143
  • An AR graduate must earn one credit of ADE-Approved Computer Science or computer science-related career and technical education course; requirement begins for 2026 graduates. - A.C.A. § 6-16-152

For more information, please contact:

Office of Learning Services

Amy Counts, Director of Curriculum Projects


Office Phone: 501-682-4311

Unit Phone: 501-682-4205

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