English Language Arts Standards and Courses

The Arkansas English Language Arts Standards represent the work of the educators from across the state. These documents include expectations for what all students should know and be able to do. The standards also include teacher notes, which will help all teachers across the state implement the new standards with fidelity. Full implementation of these standards began in the 2017-2018 school year. 

ELA Standards (Side-by-Side Documents)

The Arkansas English Language Arts Standards side-by-side documents, available as a PDF or a spreadsheet, are helpful companions to the single grade-level documents. They provide a view of a single standard across each row left to right and a view of all standards for a single grade level up and down a single column. The format is particularly useful when aligning curriculum and locating specific skills along the progression of learning. 
  • Arkansas English Language Arts Standards for Grades K-12 (PDF/XLSX)
  • Arkansas English Language Arts Standards for Grades K-5 (PDF/XLSX)
  • Arkansas English Language Arts Standards for Grades 6-12 (PDF/XLSX)

Grade Level Standards


A committee of Arkansas educators developed courses aligned to the Arkansas English Language Arts Standards.  As of July 1, 2017, these documents replace and supersede all previous English Language Arts courses.

English 11-12 Courses

The 0.5 credit English 11/12 courses are intended to serve as English credits that address the literacy needs of students interested in specific career pathways for Literature, Communications, and/or Technical Professions. Each pathway has a revised set of English Language Arts 11/12 standards that are tailored to the course. These courses are not designed to embed or supplant a required credit from another content area as each English 11/12 courses is only one-half credit. Districts that elect to offer these courses may enroll students in grades 11 and 12. These courses may also be offered as electives and would count as career focused credits. Please consider a teacher’s knowledge and expertise in implementing these courses. 

     English Literature

  • English 11/12: Comparative Literature (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: Cross-Cultural Literature (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: Film as Literature (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: U.S. History Seminal Documents (0.5 Credit) (PDF)


  • English 11/12: Reading and Writing for Business Professions (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: Public Relations (0.5 Credit) (PDF
  • English 11/12: Mass Communications (0.5 Credit) (PDF)

    Technical Professions

  • English 11/12: Reading and Writing for Trade and Industry Professions (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (0.5 Credit) (PDF)
  • English 11/12: Reading and Writing for STEM Professions (0.5 Credit) (PDF)

Additional Electives

Sample Template for Embedded Courses

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