Arkansas STEM Model Program

Arkansas STEM Model Program

STEM education provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic experiences in the classroom that are linked to local and global communities. The AR STEM Model Program connects Arkansas' STEM education system to Arkansas careers and career training opportunities. It is based on the Federal STEM Program to build strong foundations in STEM literacy, increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education, and prepare students for the future STEM workforce.

The AR STEM Model Program is being developed with statewide stakeholder input. This model allows districts to prioritize student-focused STEM education in classrooms, schools, and the community.

Goals of the AR STEM Model Program:

  • Increase STEM opportunities for Arkansas students
  • Recognize Model STEM Schools across the state
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with business, industry, and community
  • Support growth and diversity of the AR STEM teacher pipeline

STEM Model Program Timeline



For more information, please contact:

Michele Snyder

STEM Integration Specialist 

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