Science Standards and Courses


The Arkansas K-12 Science Standards, adopted by the State Board of Education, represent the work of educators from across the state. These standards include student performance expectations which are what all students should know and be able to do. 

Please Note: All educators instructing identified English Learners [including, core content, elective, and English Language Development (ELD) educators] are expected to teach toward both content standards and language proficiency standards (learn more here).


Grades K-8

K-4 Science Standards (PDF|DOCX|Google Sheet|XLS)

5-8 Science Standards (PDF|DOCX|Google Sheet|XLS)

High School

Astronomy (PDF|DOCX)

Biology - Integrated (PDF|DOCX|Google Sheet|XLS)

Chemistry - Integrated* (PDF|DOCX|Google Sheet|XLS)

Chemistry II* (PDF|DOCX)

Earth Science (PDF|DOCX)

Environmental Science (PDF|DOCX)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (PDF|DOCX)

Physical Science - Integrated* (PDF|DOCX|Google Sheet|XLS)

Physics* (PDF|DOCX)

High School CTE Courses for Science Credit (Arkansas Career Education)

CASE: Animal Science ARCareerEd** - Course Info

CASE: Natural Resources ARCareerEd** - Course Info

CASE: Plant Science ARCareerEd** - Course Info

Chemistry of Food ARCareerEd** - Course Info

PLTW: Aerospace Engineering* ARCareerEd** - Course Info

PLTW: Human Body Systems ARCareerEd** - Course Info

PLTW: Principles of Engineering* ARCareerEd** - Course Info

denotes courses that ADE designates as an approved physical science credit

**ADE approved ARCareerEd Courses listed do not require a science licensure to award science credit; see the CCMS for licensure requirements.

**ADE approved ARCareerEd Courses listed cannot be used to meet the science course requirements under the Arkansas Thirty-Eight Required High-School Courses; they can be used to meet the Career Education requirements.

**ARCareerEd Career and Technical Program of Study requirements apply, including any course prerequisites. 

All Arkansas students must earn 3 science credits to graduate:
  • a course approved by ADE as a biology credit (1 credit)
  • a course approved by ADE as a physical science credit (1 credit)
  • a third course approved by ADE for science credit or Computer Science Flex credit (1 credit)

Accelerated Science Course Pathway

The Arkansas Accelerated Science Course Pathway provides an option for students to meet the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards at a more rapid pace. This option is for students who have demonstrated advanced academic proficiency in the prerequisite courses and who intend to pursue a specific college and career pathway beyond high school. If this optional pathway is implemented, it is recommended that students concurrently earn an Algebra I and Physical Science - Integrated credit. A course approval is required for all high school courses taught in grades 5-8. These are supporting documents to be used in companionship with the published Arkansas K-12 Science Standards above and are intended as resources for schools to use to implement an accelerated science curriculum.


A.S.C.P. Grade 6 (PDF|DOCX)

A.S.C.P. Grade 7 (PDF|DOCX)

A.S.C.P. Physical Science - Integrated in Grade 8 (PDF|DOCX)

A.S.C.P. Biology - Integrated (PDF|DOCX)

A.S.C.P. Chemistry - Integrated (PDF|DOCX)

6-12 Disciplinary Literacy Standards Resource for Science (PDF|DOCX)

For more information, please contact:

Katie Chacon
Science Program Manager



Stephanie Johnson-Carlton
Science Program Advisor


Saundra Lamberson
State Science Specialist


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State Science Specialist


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