Understanding Know Yourself

Increase self-awareness.
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Develop critical thinking skills.

This principle refers to the ability to recognize one’s feelings, values, and emotions in the moment and their influence on behavior in different personal and academic situations. Self-awareness assesses one’s strengths and limitations to develop a healthy, well-grounded sense of self-confidence. Students who demonstrate understanding are reflective, articulate, resourceful, growth minded, curious, and inquisitive.


The Goals

As an Arkansas graduate, I am:

  • Able to clearly articulate information I want to share
    • I can articulate how I feel in various situations.
    • I am aware of and can clearly articulate my personal strengths and areas in which I want to grow.
    • I can articulate data, findings and thoughts through oral and written communication.
  • Growth-minded, curious and inquisitive
    • I can identify my personal aspirations and how dedication and hard work will help me achieve them.
    • I am aware of my personal characteristics and how they impact and/or influence my behavior.
  • Reflective
    • I am aware of what I know and how I learn best.
    • I am willing to accept constructive feedback for continuous improvement.
    • I take responsibility for my actions and am aware of how they impact others.
  • Resourceful
    • I ask questions, investigate and explore new topics of learning.
    • I can identify resources both in and out of school and seek help when needed
How I get there:
  1. K-2
  2. 3-5
  3. 6-8
  4. 9-12