Growth Manage Yourself

GROWTH: Manage Yourself.
Develop problem-solving skills.
Practice mindfulness.

This principle refers to the ability to regulate one’s emotions, feelings, and behaviors effectively in different personal and academic situations; the ability to manage one’s stress constructively; controlling impulses and expressing emotions appropriately while setting and achieving personal and academic goals. Students who demonstrate growth are able to use problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and logical reasoning both independently and while interacting with others at home, in school, and in the workplace.

The Goals

As an Arkansas graduate, I am:

  • Reflective about my personal needs and manage my emotions effectively
    • I am able to identify and take care of personal wellness needs and emotional health.
    • I can act on my personal needs accordingly in varying situations and locations.
    • I can express emotions constructively.
    • I am able to practice stress management techniques.
    • I am fully capable of asking for help when needed.
  • An effective choice maker and am able to demonstrate increasing levels of independence in setting goals and achieving them for college, career, and community engagement
    • I am able to identify steps for problem solving.
    • I apply strategies and skills to solve complex problems.
    • I use rational steps to determine a solution or conclusion.
    • I am an active participant in my learning.
  • Able to manage time in order to set tasks and goals and achieve them
    • I am punctual, prepared, and ready to be engaged daily.
    • I am able to set checkpoints for follow-through on a goal.
    • I can plan and organize my time and projects in order to accomplish tasks and/or goals.
How I get there:
  1. K-2
  2. 3-5
  3. 6-8
  4. 9-12

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