In early elementary (K-2), I am learning to:
  • Communicate my wants/needs appropriately with peers and adults
  • Ask for and accept help when I am in a conflict situation requiring support
  • Identify emotions that I am feeling and identify ways to calm myself when in a stressful situation
  • Adjust tone and behavior in familiar settings with some reminders (e.g., voice level, body movement) appropriate to various settings with support (e.g., library, hallways, restaurants, bus, playgrounds)
  • Recognize the importance of telling the truth
  • Recognize that I can make choices about my behavior
  • Identify personal goals and create steps toward achieving each goal
  • Celebrate goal achievements
  • Adapt to changes in my schedule and environment


In early elementary (K-2), I am learning to:
  • Develop positive personal hygiene habits
  • Be  aware of my personal space
  • Identify my likes and dislikes, needs and wants
  • Recognize and label basic emotions (e.g., happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise) and associate them with words, facial expressions and/or gestures
  • Express a range of emotions appropriately through role playing, actions, drawing or language
  • Understand the connection between feelings and behaviors
  • Identify people, places and other resources to go to for help (e.g., parents, relatives, school personnel)
  • Identify situations in which I need adult help (e.g., big problem/small problem)
  • Demonstrate responsible use of others’ belongings (e.g., ask permission; take care of them)
  • Describe things I do well
  • Describe an activity/task in which I need help in order to be successful


In early elementary (K-2), I am learning to:
  • Pay attention to others when they are speaking
  • Understand the importance of respecting personal space
  • Take turns and practice sharing
  • Practice using encouraging comments
  • Demonstrate the use of verbal etiquette (e.g., use please, thank you, excuse me, etc.)
  • Initiate positive interactions with other students most of the time (e.g., invent/set up activities)
  • Identify trusted adults
  • Ask for help from adults and peers in socially acceptable ways
  • Ask for help from peers in socially acceptable ways
  • Recognize when another needs help and offer assistance
  • Recognize safe and responsible touch
  • Determine how to seek assistance frompeers and/or adults to resolve conflict, when appropriate

Decision Making: 

In early elementary (K-2), I am learning to: 
  • Identify and illustrate safe and unsafe situations
  • Understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in school
  • Understand the consequences and rewards that exist based upon my actions
  • Identify steps necessary to accomplish personal responsibilities at home and at school
  • Identify problem, desired outcomes and potential solutions to a problem
  • Put the solution into action
  • Reflect on the outcome of the solution
  • Identify and demonstrate the ability to make responsible choices


In early elementary (K-2), I am learning to:
  • Use listening skills to identify a range of emotions in others and identify possible causes for a range of emotions in others (e.g., losing a dog may make you “sad”)
  • Recognize with support that different people may have different emotional reactions to the same event
  • Understand that my words and actions may have an impact on others
  • Understand that different people have different abilities
  • Actively listen and be a part of a group so that I can work collaboratively with others
  • Show respect when interacting with others by using appropriate manners such as “please/thank you”
  • Identify positive qualities in myself that I can use to support others