Mathematics Standards and Courses

The Arkansas Mathematics Standards and Courses, adopted by the State Board of Education, represent the work of educators from across the state. These standards include student performance expectations, which are what all students should know and be able to do.

Grades K-8

K-5 Mathematics Standards (PDF|DOCX|XLXS)

6-8 Mathematics Standards (PDF|DOCX|XLXS)

High School

Advanced Topics and Modeling in Mathematics (PDF|DOCX)


Algebra I Part A (PDF|DOCX) and Algebra I Part B (PDF|DOCX)


Algebra III* (PDF|DOCX) (Transitional Course)

Bridge to Algebra II (PDF|DOCX)

Calculus* (PDF|DOCX)

Critical Algebra I (PDF|DOCX)

Geometry (PDF|DOCX|XLXS)

Geometry A (PDF|DOCX) and Geometry B (PDF|DOCX)

Mathematical Applications and Algorithms* (PDF|DOCX)

PreCalculus* (PDF|DOCX)

Quantitative Literacy* (PDF|DOCX) (Transitional Course)

SREB Transitional Math Ready* (SREB Transitional Math Ready) (Transitional Course)

Statistics* (PDF|DOCX)

Technical Math for College and Career* (PDF|DOCX)

High School CTE Courses for Math Credit

Computerized Accounting II*, ** (Course Info)

Case Agricultural Power & Technology*, ** (Course Info)

PLTW: Civil Engineering & Architecture*, ** (Course Info)

PLTW: Digital Electronics*, ** (Course Info)

PLTW: Engineering Design & Development*, ** (Course Info)

* Denotes courses that ADE designates as beyond Algebra II for the purposes of Smart Core

** ADE approved Division of Career and Technical Education Courses listed: 

  • do not require a math licensure to award math credit; see the CCMS for licensure requirements
  • cannot be used to meet the math course requirements under the Arkansas Thirty-Eight Required High-School Courses; they can be used to meet the Career Education requirements
  • must meet Division of Career and Technical Education Program of Study requirements, including any course prerequisites. 

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