Holocaust Education

In the 2021 legislative session, the Arkansas State Legislature unanimously passed Act 611 (A.C.A. § 6-16-154) to require Holocaust education in all Arkansas public schools. Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, all 5th through 12th grade students in Arkansas public schools should receive grade-appropriate Holocaust instruction.

As defined by this act, the Holocaust was the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and attempted annihilation of Jews and other groups by the Nazi regime in Germany between 1933 and 1945, which resulted in the murder of approximately six million (6,000,000) Jews and five million (5,000,000) other individuals.

The law states that Holocaust Education should be taught in a manner that generates an understanding of the causes, course, and effects of the Holocaust. Educators should develop a dialogue on the ramifications of bullying, bigotry, stereotyping, and discrimination. Holocaust education might also provide an opportunity to encourage tolerance for diversity and reverence for human dignity for all citizens in a pluralistic society. 

The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, in accordance with the law, has partnered with local, state, and national experts in Holocaust education to develop curriculum units, resources, and professional development offerings for teachers and schools. 

The video below provides further information for schools on ways to ensure Holocaust education can be implemented.


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