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Arkansas schools who choose to offer a remote digital program must seek State Board of Education approval. DESE has established a Digital Learning Guide and a streamlined Act 1240 application process specific to digital learning that includes frequently used waivers to implement such a program at a school.  DESE has established an online application for districts to submit for SBE approval. This timeline indicates the pathway of support for a successful application.  


Executive Summary of the Guidebook for Digital Learning
 Digital Learning Executive Summary Link (7 pages)

Application for Digital Programs

Review the steps to completing an application in LEA Insights by clicking this link: LEA Insights Demonstration

The following link is for superintendents to submit applications for digital programs:
Digital Learning + AMI Application for Digital Program approvals

Digital Learning Guidebook and Resources

Guidebook for Digital LearningArkansas schools continue to meet the diverse learning needs of all students, pivoting as needed to a new normal through virtual, remote, and blended learning. To provide high-quality support to schools, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has mobilized efforts and resources to Build common knowledge and language; Provide high-quality training opportunities; and Provide guidance and resources to support school districts with implementing technology for remote, blended, virtual, and in-class learning.

Digital learning provides a great deal of flexibility for innovation through a student-focused vision. There are numerous models of blended and online learning that have been successfully implemented across the nation and others that are emerging. A true blended learning scenario provides the student some element of control over time, place, path, or pace of learning. Thinking about the K-12 Spectrum of Digital Learning, it is critical to strategically plan for implementation. Arkansas Ready for Learning Teams are encouraged to utilize the Plan, Do, Check Process to: choose the digital model, consider the hardware, software and technological supports, and identify the Content Choices, LMS Integration, and Digital Course Design.

The digital learning video provides an overview of key terms used in digital programming and outlines the three components of Interaction, Delivery, and Platforms.  The Guidebook for Digital Learning is designed for Arkansas Ready for Learning Teams to facilitate the planning process for officially integrating a digital learning program into the operations and culture of the school.




For more information, please contact:


Deborah Coffman, Assistant Commissioner of Public School Accountability
Phone: 501-682-1298

Digital Learning Unit 
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