AWARE : Resources

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has been found to be the trusted source for high quality information on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  
In this galvanizing book for all educators, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall explore an urgent and growing issue—childhood trauma—and its profound effect on learning and teaching.
Books to Read:
  1. The Deepest Well – Nadine Burke Harris
  2. Fostering Resilient Learners – Kristin Souers & Pete Hall
  3. The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog – Bruce D. Perry
  4. The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk
  5. The Upside of Stress - Kelly McGonigal

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Betsy Kindall, AWARE State Project Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
OUR Educational Cooperative
P.O. Box 610
Valley Springs, AR 72682
Phone: 870-302-3094