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A School-Based Mental Health team includes school and community stakeholders that meet regularly, uses data-driven decision-making, and plans actions to support student mental health. Sample teaming resources are as follows:

Needs Assessment and Mapping

The following needs assessments provide a systematic process used to identify system strengths and gaps between the current and desired conditions. A needs assessment allows a school to identify and address mental health needs that are the most pressing, understand how well existing services and supports are meeting student needs, identify/leverage strengths, and inform priorities and actions for school-based mental health programming. 

Screening Resources   

These examples are designed to guide schools through the process of developing comprehensive screening procedures. The list below provides readily available resources to facilitate the implementation of effective behavioral health screening in schools.

Mental Health Tiered Approach

Mental Health Promotion - Tier 1 Support - Tier 1 promotion of mental- health services should reach all students and staff. These interventions are meant to reduce the stigma around mental health by raising mental-health awareness for everyone in the school community. Tier 1 service and support activities can be related to school climate, teacher and school staff well-being, positive behaviors and relationships, positive discipline practices, mental health literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Early Intervention - Tier 2/3 Services and Supports - Early intervention is a necessity in mental health. Tier 2 supports help students identified as being mildly distressed, having impaired functioning, or being at-risk for a problem or concern. Examples of Tier 2 supports are small groups, mentoring, and classroom-based supports. Individual therapy with a qualified mental-health professional is considered a Tier 3 support.

Sample Forms

For more information, please contact:

Lindsay McGhee, School-Based Mental Health Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary & Secondary Education
Four Capitol Mall, Mail Slot #14
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-5727
Fax: 501-682-4886

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