Xello Virtual Vendor Fair recorded Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Every student, future ready! Xello is an engaging online program that supports 8th-12th-grade students across Arkansas become college and career ready. 
Through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning students build the skills, knowledge, and portfolios that align to Arkansas SSP requirements.
Since becoming an approved ADE vendor, Xello has established itself as a leading partner for districts across the state. Across the country, our program has proven to engage students in the college and career planning process: 
 Students spend an average of 24 minutes on the site per session
 In the 2019/20 school-year, students have logged over 1 million hours in the program
 20% of all logins happen outside of school hours 
Want to see how Xello can help your district deliver high-quality career and college readiness experiences? 
 Who is Xello? Learn more about the program, how it works, and our process for onboarding clients.
 What’s included in a Xello subscription? Review the features, unlimited support, and add-ons available for every Xello client in Arkansas.
 How does Xello work? Get an in-depth look at Xello’s features and function that engage students and empower educators in this multi-page, full-color, brochure.  
 How does Xello prepare students for college success? In this overview you’ll see the new features Xello has added to help your students and educators during the college application process. Plus, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Common App. We’ll be adding an integration with Common App this August to make the college application process even easier for students and counselors.
 What makes Xello different? An engaged student is a successful student. In this informational video learn about the Xello philosophy and the program’s approach for engaging students and boosting results.  
Want to see Xello in action? These short videos will give you a preview of just a few of the features in Xello that engage students and empower educators.
 Get a preview of the Student Experience.
 Get a preview of the Educator Experience.
Get your own personalized demonstration and see full functionality of Xello. Click here to request a personalized walkthrough of how Xello will work for your district, or contact your Arkansas Education Consultant: 

Mohammed Alsakka

Arkansas Education Consultant

Tel: 1-800-965-8541 ext. 162

Email: mohammeda@xello.world