Highly Qualified Personnel

The recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) rescinded the Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) provisions in No Child Left Behind.

The Arkansas Department of Education has instituted Arkansas Qualified Teacher (AQT) requirements. AQT only applies when:

  1. A teacher is teaching in a Core Academic Subject Area for which licensure is otherwise required but where the licensure requirements have been legally waived by one of the following provisions:
    1. Act 1240 of 2015 Approval to Waive Licensure
    2. Charter School Approval to Waive Licensure
    3. School of Innovation Approved Waiver of Licensure, or
  2. A teacher is teaching Core Academic Subject Areas in Special Education or in an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE)

An Arkansas Qualified Teacher must have (1) a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and (2) demonstrated content knowledge in the Core Academic subject area being taught (See AQT Rules), and, when applicable (3) a Special Education license for a Special Education class, or a teaching license when teaching in an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE); except where licensure is officially waived.

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